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Special Edition – X-Men: Days of Future Past

We lie down again and take our second foray into Marvel Mutant Movies! Check out what we thought of this X-Mash-Up of epic proportions. Just as a warning, we spoil the heck out of it after that. So listen with care.

Episode 016, “The Supreme Sacrifice!”

X-Men #16, January 1966

In Which We Learn That Mutants Are Better Globe Fodder Than Falling Snow, That The Crystal Power Lobby Might Be More Powerful Than I Previously Thought, And That No Matter How Big The Problem There Is A Wrench Big Enough To Fix It.

Episode 015, “Prisoners of the Mysterious Master Mold!”

X-Men #15, December 1965

In Which We Find That If You Can’t Ride Your Ice Slide You Better Make It Glide, That Robot-Man Procreation Would Be An Abomintaion If It Didn’t Feel So Right, And That All Applications For Human Evisceration Must Be Filed In Triplicate.

Episode 014, “Among Us Stalk The Sentinels!”

X-Men #14, November 1965

In Which We Discover The Lost Sensual Art of Wing Taping, That Even Crazed Bigots Have A Modicum of Self-Preservation, And That There Is No Word In The English Language More Terrifying Than… Anthropologist.