The Mighty Marvel Mutant Count!

As of X-Aspirations Episode #138:

59 Mutants

  Name Appearances Mutant Power Present Status
professorX.jpg Professor X
Charles Xavier
X-Men #1-33, 37-40, 41-42 (technically actually Changeling), 43 (via recording), 44 & 46 (flashback origin of Iceman), 52-53 (flashback origin of Beast), 55 & 56 (flashback origin of Angel), 65, 66, 94-98, 99 (robot), 100-102, 103 (hologram disguise), 104-110, 113, 114, 117, 118, 122, 125, 129, 131-133, 135-145, 148-153, X-Men Annual #4, Amazing Adventures 11, 12, & 15, Avengers 110-111, Captain America 172-175, Defenders 15 & 16, Fantastic Four Giant-Size 4, Giant-Size X-Men #1, Avengers Annual #10 Most powerful telepathic mind on the planet. Powers include astral projection, memory wiping, mind bolts, clairvoyant understanding of complex machinery, and karate! Created both teams of X-Men, but life highpoint was killing a big, sweaty Egyptian man in a tiny, tiny hat. Tragically died when- What the F@&k? Not Dead?! Just hid in a sub-basement for a year? Then had alien war dreams which led to hook-up with sexy Empress Lilandra. Ran off to be a sex consort, only to return because team X was a little low on dick-ery. May be running low on funds due to repeated mansion devastation. Oh, and yeah, his inner demon is a weird green dude in a cape.
cyclops.jpg Cyclops
Scott Summers
Erik the Red
X-Men #1-46, 48-66, 94-102, 104-138, 143, 144, 146-153, X-Men Annual #3, Avengers 53, Amazing Adventures 11, 15 (brief silent, non-uniformed appearance), Avengers 110-111, Captain America 172-175, Marvel Team-Up 23, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Ruby red, eye blasts Confident leader of the X-men team, afraid of his own eyes. Protective of his brother, Alex, even when he tries to kill him. Everyone but him knows his dad is a space pirate (Corsair). After a long pine for Jean Grey, Scott had finally gotten her into a hot “butte-banging” relationship, only to lose her first to the Dark Phoenix and then to an alien moon weapon disintegration ray. Unable to deal with Jean’s death, he went to wander the earth like Cain, but ended up in sexy ship-wreck adventures with Lee Forrester. Now back with the team. Into red leather bondage gear, but won’t share.
Angel Angel
Warren Worthington III
X-Men #1-46, 49-58, 60-66, 94, 99 & 100 (robot), 106 (figment), 132, 133, 135-148, Avengers 53, Ka-Zar 2 & 3, Marvel Tales 30, Amazing Adventures 11, 15, Captain America 174, Marvel Team-Up 23, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Flight
and the occasional wing slap
Angel has left the team again because Wolverine is just too damn dangerous. Owns a sweet car and a sweet New Mexican Mansion, but might be racist against Latin Americans. Dating Candy Southern and dealing with the murder of his father by his uncle. Acts first, thinks later. One true love: Fists to the face.
Beast Beast
Henry “Hank” McCoy
X-Men #1-66, 94, 99 & 100 (robot), 106 (figment), 108, 111-114, 125, 134-138, 145, Avengers 53, Amazing Adventures 11-17, Incredible Hulk 161, Captain America 174, Marvel Team-Up 38, Avengers Annual #10 Strength and agility far beyond normal. Giant, dexterous feet. Left X-Men for the Avengers. He is blue-furred and animalistic. Still feeling stupid about Mr. Hyde-ing himself. Possible gambling problem. Hopelessly obsessed with sexy Miss Donaldson, Secret Empire spy. Can not stop being pulled into all this X-men drama. Also, can not be properly drawn by Dave Cockrum.
Iceman Iceman
Robert “Bobby” Drake
X-Men #1-47, 49-58, 59 (one tiny outline in one panel), 60-66, 94, 99 & 100 (robot), 106 (figment), 138, 145, 146, Avengers 53, 110-111, Amazing Spider-man 92, Amazing Adventures 11, Captain America 174, Marvel Team-Up 23, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Can generate ice from moisture in the air, mainly for the production of ice slides. Left team. Class clown who no longer looks like a snowman. Was head over heels for Lorna Dane, but that relationship is done and done. Bit of a hot head — ha, ha hot ice — so been doing a lot of team-ups that start with misunderstanding fights. Not sure who he pissed off at Marvel, because big X-Men reunions tend to regularly be a Bobby short. Did make the “Let’s all go to Murderworld” team, so things are looking up?
Phoenix Phoenix
Marvel Girl
Jean Grey
Black Queen
X-Men #1-46, 48-66, 94, 97-102, 104-117, 119, 122, 125-138, 144 (vision), 145 (memory), 153 (fairy tale), Avengers 53, 110-111, Amazing Adventures 11, 12, & 15, Captain America 172-175, Marvel Team-Up 23, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Telekinesis, including: moving objects with her mind, levitation flight, and handless knitting. Learned telepathy from Professor X before he faked his death. Phoenix powers is orders of magnitude amplification of her telekinesis, plus fire, plus the ability to fix ripped up clothes. Sorta died from radiation in shuttle crash, but was then reborn as an immortal and mutable manifestation of the prime universal force of life and passion. Saved universe from overly blinkey M’Kraan crystal. Yeah, that’s a thing. Hasn’t been seen at Metro College for some time, so one can assume she failed out. Infatuated with Scott, whom she finally seduced on a butte. Then seduced in turn by Jason Wyngarde (Mastermind) of the Hellfire Club, who decked her out in full black leather bondage gear, making her the Black Queen. So yeah, the daily misogyny thing has not improved much. Then she ate a star, killing a civilization, causing the Shi’Ar to hunt her down on the moon. Took her own life to stop the Phoenix. Bummer. Definitely the last we will see of her.
Magneto Magneto X-Men #1, 4-7, 11, 17, 18, 43-45, 50, 51, 58 (robot), 62, 63, 103, 104, 111-113, 125, 141, 148-150, Avengers 53, 110-111, Defenders 15-16 Complete mastery of magnetism, some minor telepathy and astral projection. Briefly toyed with total mind control. Genius inventor, often focused towards further mutant creation. Traumatized by nazis, Magneto has dedicated his life to protecting mutants form humans. He loves starting mutant cults, including the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Savage Land Mutates, and Mesmero’s Circus. Not to be confused with the other Mesmero/Erik the Red cult, where he was a Magneto-bot. Not a fan of Strangers. After another failed plan involving mind control powered by Angel’s suit, he managed to create Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant. For his troubles he was transformed into a baby. Fortunately the baby-hood didn’t last and Magneto finally got a sweet Volcano Lair! That did not last either. Time for a secret Lovecraftian island, from which he would demand the end of all nuclear weapons! After almost killing Kitty Pryde he has sulked off to re-evaluate his actions. Recently spotted in a dystopian future, in a wheel chair (irony!).
Vanisher The Vanisher X-Men #2, 37-39, 60, 100 (flashback) Instantaneous teleportation. Powers restored, recently quit working with Factor Three. Abduction by Sentinels so fast we didn’t know about it until after the X-Men freed him.
Blob The Blob X-Men #3, 7, 20, 37-39, 59, 60, 140-142, Amazing Adventures 12-13, Captain America 174, Defenders 15-16, Avengers Annual #10 Fat, pliable skin able to absorb any impact and almost indestructible. Once feet are planted, he can not be moved. In between carnivals, Blob teams up with Unus the Untouchable! Recently quit Factor Three, then abducted by Sentinels, before being freed by the X-Men. Part of the Secret Empire abductions. Changed into a baby. Most recently joined the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, working with Mystique to kill Senator Kelly. Failing that, he now sits in a cell on Riker’s Island. Naked, for some reason.
Quicksilver Quicksilver X-Men #4-7, 11, 27, 43-45, 59, 60, Avengers 53, 110 Can move at super speed. Got fed up with Magneto and left the Brotherhood, becoming an Avenger. After his sister, the Scarlet Witch, was shot, he reluctantly rejoined Magneto, only to flee after X-men and Avengers attacked. Abducted by Sentinels, but freed by the X-Men. While engaged to an Inhuman himself, he is having trouble dealing with the fact his sister is doing a robot. Suffering from Meth addiction.
Scarletwitch Scarlet Witch X-Men #4-7, 11, 27, 43-45, 59, 60, Avengers 53, 110-111, Avengers Annual #10 Bad luck hex power, most commonly causing things to break or fall. Left Brotherhood and became an Avenger. Then she got shot in the head thanks to a bit of bullet redirection by Magneto, losing her powers. Not aware of Magneto’s involvement, she and Quicksilver reluctantly rejoined the Master of Magnetism, only to flee again. Abducted by Sentinels, she was freed by the X-Men, for which she has recently exchanged the favor. Turns out she is not into her brother (phew), but does have a serious thing for robots (yikes). Did a bad job having Carol Danvers back against interdimensional sexual assault. She is also way into falconry.
Toad The Toad X-Men #4-7, 11, 18, 43-45, 59, 60, Avengers 53 Able to leap superhumanly high and quickly. Sticking with Magneto has not served him well. Magneto abandoned him on an alien planet, although after Magneto’s recapture they did finally escape together. Time in space has hardened him, making him disturbingly bloodthirsty. He finally betrayed his former master, leaving him for dead. Recently abducted by Sentinels, before being freed by the X-Men. Also into weird belts.
MastermindWyngarde Mastermind
Jason Wyngarde
X-Men #4-7, 11, 37, 39, 59, 60, 122, 125, 126, 129-134, Amazing Adventures 12-13, Captain America 174, Defenders 15-16 Able to create illusions that fool all the bodily senses. Using telepathic technology can go further and alter minds, seducing his victims into doing whatever he wants. Presently mind-shattered by Phoenix, who did not take kindly to being dressed up in bondage gear for sex and power. Member of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club, Mastermind uses his powers mainly to rock some very sexy but illusory sideburns. His previous troubles included being rendered an solid block of matter, being used by the evil Factor Three organization, and abducted by both Sentinels and the Secret Empire. Briefly led the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but suffered a Beast-induced mental breakdown then. The one time he hooked back up with Magneto, he got de-aged into a baby for his troubles. Things do not work out for him, I think it would be fair to say.
Submariner Namor, The Sub-Mariner 1st app: Marvel Comics #1 (1939)
1st mutant app: X-Men #6
Super strength, invulnerability, ability to fly and breathe underwater. So disgusted with mutant manipulation that he has returned to the sea. Presumably up to all sorts of non-mutant shenanigans.
Unus Unus The Untouchable X-Men #8, 20, 37, 39, 59, 60, Amazing Adventures 12-13, Captain America 174, Defenders 15-16 Can exert a force field around his body that makes him untouchable. Returned to wrestling. On his off days, Unus teams up with the Blob and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Quit Factor Three, then abducted by Sentinels rapidly followed by a Secret Empire abduction. Freed by the X-Men both times. His most recent Magneto-led adventure has turned him into a baby, which has really helped him cut back on his smoking.
Banshee Banshee
Sean Cassidy
X-Men #28, 35, 37, 39, 58, 60, 94-129, 133, 145, 146, 148, X-Men Annual #3, Captain America 172, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Sonic scream which allows flight, vibrational camouflage, powerful blast waves, and the ability to stun/hypnotize people into unconsciousness. He is immune to Black Tom Cassidy’s shillelagh blasts. Freed from abductions by Ogre, Factor Three, and the Secret Empire, Banshee finally agreed to join the new X-Men team for the rescue to Krakoa, figuring he would otherwise just get abducted anyway. Been fighting for control of his castle with his cousin Black Tom Cassidy, blowing out his voicebox energy battling Moses Magnum, and fighting off Savage Land ladies left and right. Reunited with his surprise daughter, Siryn. Has retired to Muir Island for Moira MacTaggert sexy times. She can not resist his Irish fisherman sweaters. Who could?!
Warlock Warlock
X-Men #30, 47 Multiple magic-seeming powers, including: Giant hand magnet, immortality, hypnotism, powering mind altering machines, evil eye, self-teleportation, mind probes, force bolts. After spending years in a comatose state,  in a N.Y. museum somewhere, Warlock finally managed to get arrested. Loud noises and lights really disturb his medieval mind.
Changeling Changeling X-Men #36 (back of head), 37-39, & 65 (flashback). Also, technically the Professor X appearances from X-Men #41 and 42 were actually him. Can change himself to look exactly like Professor X. Possibly can change to other people. Double died while impersonating Professor X, from both an explosion caused by Grotesk the Sub-Human and a mysterious illness. Was number two man for Factor Three, before turning on them. Mystery illness probably related to neck trauma caused by his ridiculously over-sized helmet.
Living Diamond The Living Diamond
Jack O’ Diamonds
Jack Winters
X-Men #39 (back of head), 40-42 Initially has telepathy, short distance teleportation, and diamond hands. After re-bombarding himself with radiation he became entirely diamond, invulnerable and super strong. Deceased. After going mad with the power of being all diamond, Professor X and Scott Summers bombarded him with ultrasonic vibrations. Intended to simply immobilize him, Winters struggle to move instead caused his diamond form to explode.
Mesmero Mesmero X-Men #49-52, 58, 60, 111, 112, Captain America 174 Mutant mesmerism, allowing him to lock a victim into a trance where they remain aware but can not control their movements. A Magneto disciple, Mesmero worked himself up to a solid #2 in his evil organization, only to discover he was actually working for a robot. After a couple of abductions by Sentinels and the Secret Empire, he finally hooked up with the real Magneto who put him in charge of a circus. On the plus side, this allowed him to get freaky with a brain-washed Jean Grey. On the negative side, Magneto tossed his unconscious body out somewhere in the middle of the Brazilian jungle.
Polaris Polaris
Lorna Dane
X-Men #49-52, 57, 58, 60, 61, 65, 94, 97, 100 (robot), 104, 105, 119, 122, 125-129, 145, 146, Incredible Hulk 150, Captain America 174, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Master of magnetism, very similar to basic Magneto set. Forced by Mesmero to manifest her mutant powers. Magneto claimed paternity, but after Iceman produced “evidence” against paternity, Lorna turned against him. Met Alex Summers during a Sentinel abduction and dropped Bobby the Iceman like a bad habit. Further abductions by the Hulk and the Secret Empire have not led to similar sexcapades. Working on her doctorate of… something at the Rio Diablo. Recently a brainwashed companion to alien, leather-clad Eric the Red. OK, yes, probably more sexcapades. Now hanging on Muir Island, with only the occasional dried-up Proteus husk corpse to deal with. Most recently helped out on the “Let’s all go to Murderworld” team.
Havok Havok
Alex Summers
X-Men #54-61, 65, 94, 97, 100 (robot), 104, 105, 122, 125-129, 144 (vision), 145, 146, Incredible Hulk 150, Captain America 174, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Absorbs cosmic rays and then releases them in massive bursts of energy he finds difficult to control. Cosmic ray absorption is shared with the Living Monolith. Alex was abducted by the Living Monolith where his powers began manifesting. He was badly injured during a Sentinel abduction, so Scott brought him to Dr. Lykos who helped by using his mutant life force to transform into a Pteranodon. Presently shacked up with Miss Lorna Dane, working on his doctorate based on shirt removal and lying on slabs. Recently a brainwashed companion to alien, leather-clad Eric the Red, but now hanging on Muir Island, where he occasionally has to pull a Proteus corpse husk off of his girlfriend. Recently, a key component of “Let’s all go to Murderworld” team.
Living Monolith Living Monolith
Living Pharaoh
Professor Abdol
X-Men #54-58, 60 Absorbs cosmic rays which allow him to shoot energy from his hands, make walls of brain vibrating sound, and electrocute at will. Possibly also hypnosis and regeneration from a fake death. Likes to use an Ankh as his focus. Cosmic ray absorption is shared with the Havok. If Havok is blocked from rays, the Living Monolith’s powers grow tenfold and he can grow to gigantic size. Discovering his connection to Havok, the Living Pharaoh traveled to the U.S. to kidnap him. Eventually he managed to encase Alex in a tube preventing cosmic rays from getting him. The extra available power transformed him into the 30-ft tall Living Monolith. Kind of full of himself. Vulnerable to sticky substances. Kidnapped by Sentinels, before being freed by X-Men.
Larry Trask Larry Trask X-Men #57-60 Has visions of the future when powers are not blocked by sweet medallion. Haunted by the death of his father, Bolivar, Larry vowed to revenge him and then re-created the Sentinels to hunt all mutants. Funny thing, though. He is a mutant as well, masked only by his hideous medallion. Presently fairly traumatized.
Amphibius Amphibius* X-Men #62-63 Basically looks like a frog and has frog-like leaping powers. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Found the “dead” Angel. Will turn on his companions as fast as you can grab his foot.
Equilibrius Equilibrius* X-Men #62 If you look into his eyes you will lose your equilibrium and balance. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Ass handed to him so severely by Ka-Zar he can’t even bring himself to appear in the following issue.
Piper Piper* X-Men #62, Avengers 110-111 Can summon and control powerful monsters using the power of his lute playing. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Ka-Zar did not like his playing and made him eat his lute. Body was used as a hiding place by the Avengers’ Vision.
Gaza Gaza* X-Men #62-63 Giant is powerful and strong, with mental powers that allow him to see without eyes. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Blind. Seems like he got the short end of the mutant stick.
Lupo Lupo* X-Men #62-63 Can call wolves to his aid. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Plagued by the fact that all his wolves are cowardly.
Barbarus Barbarus* X-Men #62-63 Has extra pair of arms to go along with increased strength and durability. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Bummed that the only things separating him visually from Gaza are two more arms and working eyeballs.
Brainchild Brainchild* X-Men #62-63 Computer-like super brain. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Super brain comes in over-sized noggin. Creepy, autistic way of talking costs him more dates than he cares to mention.
Lorelei Lorelei* X-Men #63, Defenders 15-16 Can sing a Siren song that takes away the will of any males that hear it. Her smoking hotness is not part of her power, but is very useful for pissing off her victims’ girlfriends. One of the Savage Land mutates created by Magneto. Their relationship has been described as Pygmalion, i.e. Magneto is uber-creepy and controlling. Their recent Carlsbad Cavern/United Nations adventure has left her the age of a baby.
Sunfire Sunfire
Shiro Yoshida
X-Men #64, 94, 118-120, Giant-Size X-Men #1 Channels the energy of the sun, giving him powerful plasma blasts and super-fast flight. Mother Hiroshima’d, leading to a mutant son and her early death. Uncle convinced Shiro to attack the U.S.A., but when his father tried to stop him, the same Uncle murdered his father. Shiro blasted the uncle, but now must live with the consequences of his rash actions. Briefly recruited by Prof X to battle Krakoa, but seriously, he has no time for this white man, monster-fighting B.S. The self- proclaimed “Protector of Japan,” Sunfire mostly just hangs out at his family compound with his hot, Geisha-cousin Mariko.
Wolverine Wolverine
Incredible Hulk #180-182, Giant Size X-Men #1, X-Men #94-153, X-Men Annual #3,4, Avengers Annual #10 Admantium claws and bones, super healing factor, enhanced senses, strength, and agility. Joined new X-Men team after quitting his position as the Secret Weapon X of the Super Secret Canadian Department H. Finally managed to soothe both the wrath of the Wendigo and all of Canada, although he may have been in a polyamorous relationship with the Hudsons. Pines more for Jean Grey than Scott ever did, although may be catching some Geisha-loving fever for Mariko. Has a ferocious tiny man syndrome and a short temper. Also, a pathological killer, so he is perfect for a team built on a pacifist, unifying ideology. Into Urban Cowboy, Dirty Harry, beer, stalking Nightcrawler, and drugstore pornography. Once punched into outer space.
Alpha Alpha, The Ultimate Mutant The Defenders
He has all mutant powers, ever. Including impenetrable force fields, telportation, transmutation of elements, extreme telekinesis, flight, age alteration, and making rock monsters. Created by Magneto within the Carlsbad Caverns, he was born a primitive, simian-like creature, but every time he used his powers he evolved. And by evolving, I mean his head swelled up like a hideous tick. Eventually he rejected Magneto and transformed him and his fellow evil mutants into babies, before flying off to explore the universe.
Madrox Madrox The Multiple Man
Jamie Madrox
Fantastic Four Giant-Size #4, X-Men #104, 119, 122, 125, 126, 129 When struck hard enough, Madrox duplicates into copy of himself. This process can be repeated with him or his duplicates, leading to rapid multiplication. His suit is designed to absorb energy to prevent this, but when broken can run away into draining all energy around him. His powers manifested from the very first slap at birth. His parents and Prof. X created the suit to try and give him a normal life, but when his parents died no one maintained the suit and it went haywire, driving him to seek help from the Fantastic Four. Mostly, the Thing tried to help by punching him. Now works for Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island, in between the times spent with leather dudes jumping him. Proteus devoured one of his duplicates, which is apparently upsetting.
Nightcrawler Nightcrawler
Kurt Wagner
Giant-Size #1, X-Men #94-153, X-Men Annual #3, 4, Avengers Annual #10 Teleportation, Prehensile Tail, Enhanced Agility and Leaping. May be able to hide in shadows or writer may forget he added that power. Raised to be a circus freak, then hounded by angry townspeople, Kurt was recruited by Prof. X to rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa. Spent time with both leprechauns and circus folk. Misses the leprechauns. Loves the image inducer as it is getting him mad play. Also loves borrowing the Bentley for late night phone calling! Went to hell and found his old girlfriend, Amanda Sefton! They are now damn serious, which is not weird because they were basically step brother/sister. Weirdly into be stalked by Wolverine.
Storm Storm
Ororo Monroe
Giant-Size #1, X-Men #94-153, X-Men Annual #3, 4, Avengers Annual #10 Weather control, including lightning and wind. Flight. A building collapse during Cairo bombing killed both her parents and trapped her in the rubble, leading to a lifelong severe claustrophobia. Became a master child thief, but eventually left for deeper Africa where she was worshipped as a goddess because she brought rains where needed. Prof. X convinced her to quit wasting her time ending famine and instead help out rescuing the original X-Men from Krakoa. Not a fan of concealing clothing, making her a favorite of oversexed teenage boys. Also good with her tongue, see above. Recently body switched with Emma Frost, which is at worst a flat trade off on the sex-o-meter. Storm is now a mother figure to Kitty Pryde, but never “Hey Mama!” her unless you like electrified genitalia.
Colossus Colossus
Peter Rasputin
Giant-Size #1, X-Men #94-153, X-Men Annual #3, 4, Avengers Annual #10 Can transform his entire body into steel, giving him greatly enhanced strength and invulnerability. Worked on a farm in the Ust-Ordynski Soviet collective. Loves his parents and sister, but took approximately ten seconds to decide to get the hell out of there, following Prof. X for the Krakoa rescue mission. After seeing American skirt lengths, has decided he ain’t never going back to the farm. Joined in a “what happens in the Savage Land stays in Savage Land” pact with Banshee. Crisis in self-confidence was all fixed thanks to trash compactor therapy and a pair of proletariat overall pants. Not sure how he feels about being used as a grounding rod to kill Moira’s son, Proteus. Beginning a highly inappropriate love affair with a 13 year old. Regular bedtime story reader, but not the best at it.
Thunderbird Thunderbird
John Proudstar
Giant-Size #1, X-Men #94-95, 96 (ghostly head and flashbacks) Mildly enhanced strength, invulnerability, and agility. Pulling down a buffalo strong, but not survive an airplane crash invulnerable… An angry Apache, Proudstar was taunted into helping rescue the original X-Men from Krakoa. Repeatedly got his ass kicked, so he decided to prove himself by ripping apart Count Nefaria’s plane while sitting on it. This ended quite badly. The kind of permanent badly that comes with a memorial service.
BlackTom Black Tom
Thomas Cassidy
X-Men #99 (shadowy), 101-103, 122 Able to project energy through his shillelagh. Probably through other wooden sticks, as well, but that was a damn fine shillelagh. Is immune to Banshee’s scream power. Cousin of Sean Cassidy, the Banshee, he is fiercely jealous of Sean’s ownership of the Cassidy Keep castle in Ireland. Is in a serious Bromance with Juggernaut. Previously last seen plummeting into the icy Atlantic, followed by Juggy. Found shockingly still alive and hiring master assassins. Ran with his niece Siryn for a bit, but realized that pushing her into crime was not totally cool.
ShadowKing Shadow King
Amahl Farouk
X-Men #117 Telepath of enormous strength, second only to Professor X. Was using his mutant powers to enrich himself at the expense of others. Completely amoral and dangerous, Xavier had no choice but to fry his brain like a bad jalapeno popper. Can only assume he loved the movie Casablanca. Unreasonably proud of his ridiculously tiny hat.
Northstar Northstar
Jean-Paul Beaubier
X-Men #120-121 Superspeed and flight. Can produce blinding light with twin sister, Aurora. Member of Alpha Flight. Likes making faces and socking ladies in the back of their skull when they are not looking.
Aurora Aurora
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
X-Men #120-121 Superspeed and flight. Can produce blinding light with twin brother, Northstar. Member of Alpha Flight. Does not like hunting her own kind, although she kind of digs being hunted herself, if you know what I mean. And you totally do.
Proteus Proteus
Mutant X
Kevin MacTaggert
X-Men #125 (fleeting and unnamed), 126-128 Can leap from body to body, draining their life force as he goes along. Can manipulate and alter reality. Moira MacTaggert’s son, who has spent a good hunk of his life locked up in a tiny cell. He constantly needs new host bodies and is vulnerable to metal. Has Daddy issues, because he never knew his father, and also has some Mommy issues because, well, there was that locked-in-a-cell all through puberty thing. Ends up taking over his father’s body and abducting his mother and changing her into an elephant? I guess that’s still Oedipal… Anywho, Proteus tried to jump bodies again, but ran into a metal-form Colossus, who grounded his energy form into nothingness. Presumed dead.
Emma Frost Emma Frost
The White Queen
X-Men #129-131, 151, 152 Powerful telepath. Tricks include rendering groups of people instantly unconscious and blowing up everything. Member of the inner council of the Hellfire Club, The White Queen was sent to recruit the new mutant, Kitty Pryde. Instead she managed to capture half the X-men, including the “most powerful mutant mind on the planet.” Points to girl power. Likes sexy torture and bondage gear (this is becoming a disturbing theme, Claremont!). Turns out she could not handle Phoenix with her power tuned to 11, so she blew up the building they were in. Somehow survived to steal Kitty away to her school, drawing in Storm and switching bodies! Could not handle that level of African goddess and had to switch back and slink home.
Kitty Pryde Kitty Pryde
X-Men #129-131, 138-145, 148-153, X-men Annual #4, Avengers Annual #10 Has the ability to phase through matter, i.e. can walk through walls and make herself intangible. As a brand new mutant, Kitty was pursued by both the X-men, who used malted sweets, and the White Queen, who used abduction and telepathic mind control. Kitty called in the rest of the X-men for help and even managed some phasing recon to help out. So on the plus side, she got to be a real hero! On the negative, she basically saw a naked, hairy Wolverine. Joined Xavier’s school wearing a sparkly BITCH shirt, has a thing for Colossus, is creeped out by Nightcrawler, and is learning to dance with Stevie Hunter. Future Kitty stole her mind to save the world and oh yeah, her parents are splitting up, so that sucks, too. Successfully fought a demon, but almost killed by Magneto. Nearly nabbed by the White Queen again. Really the best at bedtime stories.
Dazzler Dazzler X-Men #130, 131, 148 Can absorb sound and re-emit it as light. Can fire laser beams or “dazzle” people into unconsciousness. The Hellfire Club tried to abduct Dazzler while she was performing in a truly disgusting New York club. Between her and the X-men they managed to foil the abductors (who then blew up). She then assisted in helping rescuing the other half of the X-men team from Emma Frost. Asked to join the X-men, Dazzler refused. She was a free spirit who had to follow her terrible, terrible disco muse. And she roller skates everywhere. Can’t make this stuff up. Last concert she did attracted a fear mutant.
Sebastian Shaw Sebastian Shaw
The Black King
X-Men #130,132-134, 151, 152 Can absorb kinetic energy and then redirect it into his own strength. Basically, the harder you hit him, the stronger he gets. As the Black King of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club, Shaw’s main goals are the acquisition of wealth and power. His present plans include gathering mutants for their powers, which ran him directly into the X-men. He more or less kicked everyone’s asses, but foolishly trusted that Mastermind could hold onto control over Jean Grey. He could not. Shaw, however, escaped to fight another day with all his money intact. So, really, like a real life rich guy who murders people. Recently into Sentinel building, part of his brilliant Storm body switch/robot attack plan. Trust us, it make sense.
Harry Leland Harry Leland X-Men #132-134, 152 Can increase and decrease the apparent mass of objects. He can make an object (or person) so heavy it will fall through a floor. Member of the inner circle of the Hellfire Club. Ran into Wolverine twice, increasing Logan’s mass both times. The second time Wolverine was jumping on top of Leland, so the mass increase was kind of an error. Just can’t stop messing with that clawed psychotic. Has weight issues that he is working on!
Franklin Richard Franklin Richard First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual #6
First X-Men Appearance: X-Men #141
Reality Warping Only a child today, in the future Franklin works with the last of mutantkind to stop the Sentinels. His reward? Sentinel disintegration. Only one possible future, so we shall see…
Rachel Summers Rachel ??? X-Men #141, 142 Telepathy, telekinesis, ability to throw minds back in time In the future she works with the last of the mutants to overthrow the Sentinels. She is the lynchpin in the plan to send Kitty Pryde back in time alter the past. In the future, all her friends die, so hopefully that Pryde thing worked out…
Mystique Mystique
Raven Darkholme
First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #16
First X-Men Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #141, 142, Avengers Annual #10
Shape Changing Has reassembled the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with a starting plan of assassinating Senator Robert Kelly. Planned foiled by future mutants. Recruits Rogue to break team out of Rikers. That also fails. Maybe she is not as good of a leader as she thinks?
Destiny Destiny
Irene Adler
Uncanny X-Men #141, 142, Avengers Annual #10 Can see the future A member of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, working with Mystique to kill Senator Kelly. This fails, she goes to jail, then she predicts a break out by Rogue! This also fails. Some precog, she is…
Avalanche Avalanche Uncanny X-Men #141, 142, Avengers Annual #10 Can disintegrate solid matter, causing moving waves of crumbling material. A member of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, working with Mystique to kill Senator Kelly. Not successful. He is in jail and despite a break out attempt, still in jail.
Pyro Pyro Uncanny X-Men #141, 142, Avengers Annual #10 Can manipulate flame into anything he wants, including fire monsters. He can not create flame, however, requiring an already started fire, leading him to carry the equivalent of a flame thrower on his back. A member of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, working with Mystique to kill Senator Kelly. That was a bust plan. So was the plan to break him out of jail after.
Caliban Siryn Spider-Woman #37, Uncanny X-Men #148 Sonic scream based power set, nearly identical to her father, Banshee. Can blast, fly, and generally make you deaf. Initially a villain, helping her uncle Black Tom commit crimes, Siryn is defeated by Spider-Woman and then reunited with her father, Banshee.
Caliban Caliban Uncanny X-Men #148 Can detect presence of other mutants. Can turn fear back on others. Can also tap fear as power source for strength. Sensing mutants, Caliban climbed up from his sewer home and crashed a Dazzler concert. After a bit of fisticuffs the X-men realized he was mostly harmless and let him go.
Rogue Rogue Avengers Annual #10 Can absorb the minds and powers of other super-powered living beings by touching skin to skin. Permanently absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers of flight, strength, and invulnerabilty. Recruited by Mystique, Rogue tried to break the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants out of jail, only to be thwarted by the Avengers. Presently on the run.

*These are actually Neo-Mutants, i.e. they are not mutants from birth but were created later in life.

The Mighty Marvel Mutant Count tracks the comings and going of all the mutants in the pages of the X-men, as read by the X-Aspirations X-team. The Appearances and Present Status columns are meant to reflect the characters as of the latest episode and are deliberately ignorant of all future appearances, deaths, and/or relationships (familial, love, etc) not yet revealed.

The Mighty Marvel Mutant Count does NOT include aliens, robots, mystical beings, people enchanted by mystical beings, vampires, werewolves, Gods, super soldiers, mad scientists, or any of the untold hordes of normal everyday humans that cross the path of the X-men. If it ain’t a mutant, it ain’t here.

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