Episode 140, “I’m Wolverine”

Wolverine #1, September 1982
“I’m Wolverine”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Frank Miller, Inks by Josef Rubinstein, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Louise Jones, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter.

It’s Miller Time!

In Which We Learn That If You Got Junk In The Trunk You Don’t Like Poisoning Bears With Gunk, That If You Name It Logan Can Clench It, And That In Japan You Can’t Walk Ten Feet Without Hitting A Shuriken Shower!

It’s Our Summer Spectacular! And Yes, September Is Still Summer!

Frank Miller, shown above from a 1982 ComicCon, has been a force in comics for most of his four plus decades in the industry. Starting out solely as an artist, Miller really began turning heads when he fully took over the reins of Daredevil in 1981, both drawing and writing the flailing book.

Above are several pages from Miller’s initial Daredevil run, presented in black and white (i.e., no coloring). We can see his strong panel pacing, cinematic style, and bold layouts. We can also see the gritty, dark tone that really caught people’s attention. His Daredevil was where crime noir met the man in spandex.

Frank Miller left Marvel in 1983 to pursue a bold new project with DC comics: Ronin. This tale of samurai and cyberpunk, inspired by comic books from both Japan and Europe, was a work entirely of Miller’s creation. It was printed in a high quality format with colors by Lynn Varley (Miller’s partner for two decades).

Ronin was well received both critically and financially, but Miller’s greatest accomplishment may have been managing to retain the copyright. With this success under his belt, Miller was ready to return to superheroes and try his Miller magic on the Batman.

Hereeeeeee’s…. Wolvie!
Woof. There is Bear-ly a joke here.
Always swipe right on Yakuza Tinder.
What an impressive well built structure. The castle is nice, too.
The four stages of Wolverine grief: Squinting, Teeth Bearing, Clenching, and Acceptance.
The one thing Wolverine hated about Japan, their obsession with novelty bullet hole decals.
I am ready to battle you with Christian Imagery!
Why would he stuff so much spinach pasta into his kimono?!?!
Oh Lord.
He is… Not… Wearing…. Any…
Sometimes the only way to keep warm is under dead bodies.

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