Episode 014, “Among Us Stalk The Sentinels!”

X-Aspirations Episode 014
X-Men #14, November 1965
“Among Us Stalk The Sentinels!”
Story by Stan Lee, Layouts by Jack Kirby, Pencils by Jay Gavin, Inked by Vince Coletta, Lettered by Sam Rosen.

Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Doom Patrol!

In Which We Discover The Lost Sensual Art of  Wing Taping, That Even Crazed Bigots Have A Modicum of Self-Preservation, And That There Is No Word In The English Language More Terrifying Than… Anthropologist.

I Mean, Say It Fast And It Sounds Like Ant Rape Apologist. Think About It, People.

Above are the 1st appearance of Doom Patrol (Greatest Adventure #80, June 1963), 1st appearance of the X-men (X-Men #1, Sept. 1963), and the 1st appearance of the Brotherhood of Evil (Doom Patrol #86, the comic formerly named Greatest Adventure). Creator and writer of Doom Patrol, Arnold Drake, has accused Stan and Jack of stealing his idea because both comics featured misfits led by a man in a wheelchair. You decide.

I think Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Rob Lowe, and Kim Kardashian all had very similar conversations.

The USA Today color infographics are simply  out of control.

This nightclub does not get less ridiculous with repetition.

So what do you think? Papa X and Hank the Beast, separated at birth?

Death Dealing… Hey I think he went down this other alley… way over here… near the Bed, Bath, & Beyond. No, keep going. Yeah, near the bath sheets. Perfect. We almost got him. Now let’s lie and down and stay very quiet….death to muties… shhh

How do you even include a giant ruby electrode chamber on your anthropology grant request? A gift for Margaret Mead? Yeah, I know. Obscure. Look, the list of famous anthropologists is a very short one.

Professor X seems to get flung out of his wheelchair every other issue. Why, you might ask? Because it is hilarious.

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