Episode 124, “Rage!”

X-Men #140, December 1980
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Louise Jones, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter.

Me Too, Marvel!

In Which We Find That There Is Nothing Like The Bond That Forms Between Two Men And A Nice Large Stump, That Smokey The Bear Is Mostly A Symbol Of The Ineffectiveness of Civilization In Battling the Elemental Might of Fire. And Also, He Is A Total Hoser, And That The Toughest Battles of Wolverine’s Early Years Were Keeping Three People Under A Single Comforter!

Hey Mama! You’re Listening To This Podcast, I Am In This Podcast… We Should Make Beautiful Music Together!

This cover to Mockingbird #8 combined with a tweet from its writer, Chelsea Cain, set off an unlikely firestorm of hate. The tweet stated “Mockingbird is cancelled. But we need to make sure Marvel makes room for more titles by women about women kicking ass.” Maybe it was the word “Feminist” which set people off, a joke that had little to do with interior story, but a bunch of very angry men decided that THIS was what was wrong with comics. The harassment reached a level that Cain had to quit Twitter altogether.

More shocking is the bizarre hate explosion around the “Milkshake Crew.” Heather Antos, an editor at Marvel Comics, tweeted this picture along with the text, “It’s the Marvel milkshake crew! #FabulousFlo”. Fabulous Flo is a shout out to the recently deceased Flo Steinberg, a famous  female publisher at Marvel. That’s it. Women who work at the same place getting a sweet treat together and posting a picture on social media like a million other people.  In response they got “Can we just get off of feminism and social justice and actually print stories”, “Looks like a bunch of SWJ[sic, Social Justice Warrior’]s to me”, “How all these Tumblr SJW fake geek girls club are editors at Marvel?” , “I would totally bang the girl in front”, “Better have her sign a consent form, she looks like the ‘false rape charge’ type.”, “This does explain the “quality” of work Marvel has been putting out of late.”, and so on. The real target, of course, is a recent Marvel push for diversity, in which a lot of mainstay heroes have been temporarily replaced by females and/or people of color. And one might suggest the even realer problem is some serious reactionary misogyny coming from men having trouble keeping up with the changing world. Sadly, comic fandom appears as infected with this problem as our more mainstream politics and entertainment.

Next Up: Stump Pulling, After Dark…

Always take Australia first, it’s the easiest continent to hold.

Oh, where were you when we were pulling stumps?

I’ve got butter ready for everyone!  Gimme them slices.

No! Why do the kids have to show up every time things get hot and heavy?

What the hell did I just put my hands in?

Mommy says we are all equally beautiful!

Is this going to turn into one of those Snickers commercials?

Thanks for taking this single engine jet off my hands.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would buy it when I put it on Craigslist.

You would think a back that size would be hairier.

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