Episode 107, “A Fire In The Sky!”

X-Men King-Size Annual #3, August 1979
“A Fire in the Sky!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by George Perez, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Roger Stern, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter

Perez And Accounted For!

In Which We Learn That Logan Could Have Saved This Civilization If He Had Only Finished His Online Vocational Electronics Course, That Nightcrawler’s Greatest Nemesis Is The Rotary Phone, And That No Abducted Lady’s Wardrobe Is Complete Without A Metal Bikini!

Combining Tight Leather Bondage Gear And Excessive Body Hair Definitely Requires An Enhanced Healing Factor!

The legendary George Perez, master comic illustrator.

The New Teen Titans (1980-84), co-created with writer Marv Wolfman, was probably George Perez’s most influential work. Combining his intricate, practically ornate linework with a dynamic storytelling style, he (along with John Byrne) really set the standard for 1980’s comic book art.

There has never really been any comic book artist with the ability to put together action-packed panels of large groups of comic book superheroes like George Perez. That made him a natural choice for DC Comics’ 50th-anniversary event and linewide reboot, Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985), a story which naturally involved ever single DC character.

George was not just an illustrator. In 1986 DC Comics relaunched Wonder Woman, which George Perez both drew and (after some initial help from Len Wein) scripted for five years (1987-1992). It is definitely considered one of the high marks of his long career.

George continues to draw and make comics and at this point has penciled just about every character of any significance at either DC Comics or Marvel. The above art is the cover to an issue of the inter-company crossover, JLA/Avengers (2003), in which Perez attempts to include every single member of either the Justice League or the Avengers, past or present, in a single image.

Back in the 80’s we kept our gum in our holsters and our guns in our hands.

Ads, ads, ads… The original 1979 Uncanny X-men Annual #3, like all comics of its time period, was full of advertisements of all shapes and sorts designed to ensnare the young with minimal disposable income. Whether it be BB guns, bubble gum, Twinkies, or highly questionable space robots, Marvel Comics wanted you to buy it.

Nothing, but nothing, says 1979 like a 6-foot poster of Scott Baio. In case you were curious, Joanie does not love Chachi until 1982.

Speaking of things that define Generation X: Star Wars toys! Recall that at this point in history there has been exactly one Star Wars film (running time 121 minutes) which people can only have seen in the theater (Star Wars is not released on VHS until 1985. It did have a special pay-per-view screening on ONTV [a pre-cable channel] in 1982, around which I built my 10th birthday party, you know the one during which my friend Calvin Lai fell into our covered Jacuzzi. Good times).  It really is hard to come to grips with how this one space movie [which, granted, is an excellent space adventure movie] changed the landscape of the American childhood. P.S. Loved me some Hammerhead aliens.

And Lo! The secret origin of the Time Square Naked Cowboy is at last revealed!

Fie on thee mortal! Thou should taketh a picture as verily its lasting will be greater!

Colossus loves when the danger room bots kiss him rough.

If Storm is having lemonade, then EVERYONE IS HAVING LEMONADE!!!

It’s just a little water damage, you said. Nothing structural, you said.

There must a joke here that avoids the notion of a prehensile penis, but if there is I can’t think of it.

Unless it’s a joke about blue poop.

Mock the Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks all you want. Their pancake breakfasts are top notch.

I’m sorry, is there some grand history of face hugging crowns of which I am unaware? Because Storm can’t walk five feet without clanging into a new one.

Time to go bang a puma while skydiving from an exploding zepplin, Colossus, because once you get a dragon between your thighs..

Try as he might, Colossus could not get them all to do the Time Warp again.

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