Episode 099, “Psi War!”

X-Men #117, January 1979
“Psi War!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Clem Robins, Edited by Roger Stern, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter

Marvel And Its Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy!

In Which We Discover That What Lilandra Really Wants To Be Empress of Is The Local Sephora, That Xavier came to Cairo for the Sex Tourism, but Stayed For The Astral Sex Tourism, That Twilight’s Bella and The Smith’s Morrisey Have Both Just Arrived To Tell Xavier To Cheer The F*&^ Up!

Power Man and Iron Fist Have Stopped Running Love-Seeking Personals. For Some Reason They Only Get The Freaks!

Concept art from the great Ralph McQuarrie, who basically designed the look of the original Star Wars trilogy. Above is his take on R2-D2 and C3PO.

More McQuarrie art. These amazing pieces convinced Roy Thomas that Marvel should do the comic adaptation of this sci-fi film partially filmed in Tunisia starring nobody.

The first issues of the Marvel adaptation worked off an earlier version of the script that included several characters that never made it to screen: Camie, Fixer, and Biggs Darklighter. (Actually, Biggs goes on to be “Red Three” and is killed during the battle of Yavin, but his connection to Luke is cut from the original theatrical release).

There’s something to be said for good scratch board art.

And she will continue to spit into every pot until Charles agrees to leave this rat hole.

Here we can see that each region of the brain controls a different stage of flashback montage.

I don’t know what it is, but I know you shouldn’t put it in your eye.

Crap. Both tables are taken.

Red beans and rice missed neither of them.

If the shadow king would move his hand, you would see that Xavier is built just like a Ken doll.

Where does the bartender go? To clean out Farouk’s porn cache, I assume.

Lilandra tries to desperately explain how popular the half beard look is on the Shi’ar homeworld.

The great circle path from New York to Tokyo  should begin with the plane heading nearly due north, but we are not the types to nit pick here at X-Aspirations.  Maybe Misty has to change planes in Cleveland. We just don’t have all the facts.

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