Episode 056, “The Living Pharaoh!”

X-Aspirations Episode 056
X-Men #55, April 1969
“The Living Pharaoh!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Layouts by Don Heck, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked by Vince Colletta, Lettering by Jean Izzo, Edited by Stan Lee.

Also Included: “Where Angels Dare to Tread!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked and Lettered by Sam Grainger, Edited by Stan Lee.

At Last, Stories of Substance!

In Which We Discover That Warren May Be At Risk For Punch Drunk Syndrome, That Sarcophagus Smugglers Need To Keep It Light and Breezy, And That More Villains Have Been Undone By A Potty Break Than You Might Think!

Hey Lafayette, Forget Pershing! The X-Men Are Here!

Aaron Castro, the Nerdiest Meth King! All Hail the King and his 18,753 comic books.
Well, except the cops confiscated and sold them all off. So a king deposed, I suppose.

Left is art from Amazing Spider-Man #96-98, in which Stan Lee broke from the Comic Book Code Authority to publish his anti-drug story. Right is the Dennis O’Neil/Neal Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow #85 cover, in which Green Arrow discovers his ward trying to shoot up heroin. Say it ain’t so, Speedy!

Despite the assurances of his men, the Living Pharoah was certain that his pimple was noticeable.

Scott is constantly day dreaming about all the fun he and King Tut are going to have.

It’s time for ten in 10 again! Let’s put 10 seconds on the clock… Go!

Cat beard! Cat eating a really furry mouse! Looks like a Catastrophe! The Pharaoh must be Kitten me! Cat back after a night at the milk frat house! Cyclops may soon be catatonic! Scott is just not feline it! The statue fell on Me, Ow! The room filling with water is making me claws-trophobic! That’s funny, usually Scott is the one eating P-

Curses! Time’s up!

You should see what I use to open jars.

After Cyclops, we go after Commissioner Gordon! Ha ha ha!

Peppermint Pharaohs will go after anything that looks like bubblegum.

If you like Orange Sherbert so much, why don’t you marry it?!

The 11th plague was Toilet Papyrus.

I hate it when bad news interrupts me as I slowly peel my skin tight clothes from my chiseled abs.

I really do.

People forget what the city was like before the Clean AIr Act.

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