Episode 053, “The Rage of Blastaar!”

X-Aspirations Episode 053
X-Men #53, February 1969
“The Rage of Blastaar!”
Written by Arnold Drake, Pencils by Barry Smith, Inked by Michael Dee, Lettering by Herb Cooper, Edited by Stan Lee.

Also Included: “Welcome to the Club, Beast!”
Written by Arnold Drake, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked by John Tartaglione, Lettering by Jean “Simek” Izzo, Edited by Stan Lee.

Eat, Drink, and Make Barry!

In Which We Learn That Jean Is Fighting A Lifelong Battle Against Asymmetrical Cleavage, That Xavier Blew His Mansion Decoration Budget on Vaulted Ceilings, And That Smart Superteams Recognize the Value of Large Appliance Corporate Sponsorships!

Wherever There Are Malevolent, Twisted Versions of Grapes of Wrath Speeches… Blastaar Will Be There!

Original Conan the Barbarian art for Barry Windsor-Smith. Left is a page from his Conan Red Nails saga in Savage Tales #3 (1974). Right is from Conan Saga #1 (1987), and is representative of the type of coloring he would do for his own work.

Here is Conan, Lord of the Black Corsairs, which I believe came from a Conan the Barbarian Treasury Edition (#4) in 1975.

Finally here are some X-men done in Barry’s prime. Left is the cover to Uncanny X-men #198 (1985), while the right is art from Weapon X, which appeared in Marvel Comic Presents #72-84 (1991).

Trapped for eternity in bicycle pants? Yeah, you’d be a bit miffed, too.

This is when Beast got his multi-million dollar idea. You can go out right now and buy a “Real McCoy” for $19.99, C Batteries not included.

The vacuum of space  does strange things to the extremities… and to line work.

The Negative Zone had negative dentists.

False alarm. That is not Marvel Girl, but merely Scott’s new Japanese love doll.

I am fairly certain Warren just got his ass handed to him by a muppet.

Um, Hank, why do you have an action figure of Bobby on your desk?

This is what it looks like to fight on huge slabs of steak.

No, really Hank. You almost had it that time.

After this, all laser bidets were immediately recalled.

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