Episode 041, “Now Strikes… The Sub-Human!”

X-Aspirations Episode 041
X-Men #41, February 1968
“Now Strikes… The Sub-Human!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Don Heck, Inked by George Tuska, Lettering by Sam Rosen,  Edited by Stan Lee.

Also Included: “The Living Diamond!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked by John Verpoorten, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Simon and Kirby Got That Old Black Magic!

In Which We Learn That The Professor Needs To Chill The Heck Out With The Demerits, That Vera Expects Her X-Men To Go All Night, And That The Beast Can Smell What The Sub-Human Is Cooking!

Tete a Tete or Beast vs. BeYast? It’s All Tomatoes To Me!

Covers from the Simon and Kirby golden age. Left is DC comic’s Boy Commandos (#2, Spring 1943), whose sales during the war years rivaled that of Batman and Superman. On the right is the very first issue of Young Romance (Sept. 1947), where Simon and Kirby basically invented the romance comic genre.

Here are two original pieces of cover art from Simon and Kirby comics directly mentioned by 1954 Senate Subcommittee Hearings into Juvenile Delinquency, which led directly to the creation of the comic code. Justice Traps The Guilty was a true crime comic. #56 was notable because the artists put themselves into the line-up. Left to right they are: Ben Oda (letterer), Joe Simon (the guilty one), Joe Genalo (production man), Mort Meskin (artist), and finally the inimitable Jack Kirby. The very first book brought up as evidence by the committee was Black Magic, specifically this issue (#29, Mar-Apr 1954), with a “Beautiful Freak” storyline they deemed too violent and disturbing.

Do you think I could use a little more Vitamin D? Be honest.

You should see what he can do with an ice didgeridoo!

Nothing is sadder than the tears of a clown. Except a clown with frozen tear ducts, who can not cry at all.

Why didn’t we use more hand sanitizer?! Why?!

Grotesk, the Sub-Human, always forgot to take his cell phone off vibrate.

I don’t like it when he arrives, but I always like to watch him go!

Trevor learned a harsh lesson about bringing vintage revolvers to the work place.

Xavier immediately regretted trying to use stripper cops to break the ice.

Kool Aid?! Oh Yeah!

Best part? No matter the outside temperature, Jack’s nipples remained the same consistency.

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