Episode 031, “We Must Destroy The Cobalt Man!”

X-Aspirations Episode 031
X-Men #31, April 1967
“We Must Destroy The Cobalt Man! ”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inking by John Tartaglione, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Mexn, Silent Sen, & Nag A Rams!

In Which We Learn That Having A Pole Off Is Half As Sexy And Twice As Painful As It Sounds, That Warren Is Not Man Enough For A Full Quadrilateral, And That If Jean Does Not Want To Come Off As Too Easy She Should Stop Bringing A Full Change Of Clothes On Every Date!

Hey Kids, Don’t Play With C-Bombs!

There is no way the Danger Room is OSHA compliant.

Even more importantly, I have over balanced myself and am about to smack my head on the edge of this panel.

The Monkee’s Paw is just like Pizza Paradise, except now, when you order a hot slice they ironically spray you with molten knives. Also, both featured shriveled monkey appetizers with dipping sauce!

The secret weakness of the X-men… Grooviness.

A “Diet Pepsi” is Nassau County code for a regular Coca Cola with a line of cocaine.

Tremble before the new Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Hoo Hooooooo.

The once popular Triangle Bra is impossible to find nowadays.

Jean, some things just levitate on their own.

Pumpkin to carriage transfer? Pulpy disaster! Bedroom slippers? Shattered, bloody glass! Go help me, if these mice don’t become mighty stallions, I will never make it to the ball!

S: I am having trouble getting it in. J: Just wiggle it. S: The problem is the curve. I am going to have get my hand in there, too. J: Ow, Scott, you’re hurting me! S: Sorry. Just lean back and let me do the work.

While he couldn’t see exactly what was going on, Little Billy forever regretted following his heroes into the factory.

Poor Tax, pay $15.

I love the way my face looks reflected in Cyke’s visor.

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