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“Lord Shingen”

Episode 143, “Honor”

Wolverine #4, December 1982

In Which We Learn That When You Care To Send The Very Best Send A Bloody Ninja Hood, That Yukio Shares The Same Weakness For Netting As Crustaceans, And That Mariko Should Have Skipped Out On Lord Shingen’s “Take Your Daughter To Work Day!”

Episode 142, “Loss”

Wolverine #3, November 1982

In Which We Find That Ninja Is One of The More Overlooked Positions In The Hospitality Industry, That There Are Very Few Times Appropriate For Caling Out Your Ex’s Name And After Killing Five Ninjas Is Still Not It, And That When The Mangled Corpses Are All Aligned Along The Garden Rake Tracks That Is Actually Maximum Zen!

Episode 141, “Debts and Obligations”

Wolverine #2, October 1982

In Which We Discover That While Ladies Dig The Abs They Are Turned Off By Murder Sprees, That From Nefari- To Treacher-, Lord Shingen Has All the -Ous’s, And That It’s Raining Ninja Men! Halllejah, Amen!

Episode 140, “I’m Wolverine”

Wolverine #1, September 1982

In Which We Learn That If You Got Junk In The Trunk You Don’t Like Poisoning Bears With Gunk, That If You Name it Logan Can Clench It, And That In Japan You Can’t Walk Ten Feet Without Hitting A Shuriken Shower!