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For convenience we have assembled a list of all the episodes to date, with a clickable link that takes you directly to the associated podcast and its web page. In addition to information on what comic book (or books) we covered that episode, the table also includes a brief episode description of all the other antics, hijinks, and tomfoolery we got up to that week. The main focus of the podcast is the X-men comic summary, but we also make regular attempts at delving into the history of comics, comic books, comic book makers, and sequential art in general. However, some episodes we just mess around, so if you happen to be a listener that is only interested in nuggets of comic book history, look for the episode descriptions with bold writing, which are those that contain at least a moderate amount of comic book history. However, keep in mind that this podcast is making comic book history, so you really should just listen to them all.

Ep # Comic Covered Episode Description
Ep 1 X-Men #1 Short Intro: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Birth of modern Marvel/FF/X-Men
Ep 2 X-Men #2 2nd Inaugural Cast
More mild introduction, mostly to podcast
Ep 3 X-Men #3 X-Aspiration mission statement (sorta)
Ep 4 X-Men #4 Valentine’s Day!
Ep 5 X-Men #5 Mild Sam Rosen Lettering Speculation
(mindless blather)
Ep 6 X-Men #6 Sub-Mariner History
Marvel Comics #1, Early Simon and Kirby
Ep 7 X-Men #7 Comic Book Code History
True Crime, Romance, & Horror,
Seduction of the Innocent
Ep 8 X-Men #8 Stan Lee History: Odd Jobs
Ep 9 X-Men #9 Larry Lieber/Martin Goodman History!
X-News Blast! J.D.s!
Ep 10 X-Men #10 History of Ka-Zar
Little bit of Tarzan, touch of M.M.M.S.
Ep 11 X-Men #11 Discussion of X-Men reprint books
Ep 12 X-Men #12 Marvel Method/Marvel Way
Plus Alex Toth and Vince Colletta discussion
Ep 13 X-Men #13 Werner Roth/Jay Gavin
Romance Comics History
Ep 14 X-Men #14 Doom Patrol/X-Men Connection
Brief Pop Art Productions discussion
Ep 15 X-Men #15 Mail Bag!
Current X-Force Roster
No-Prize Explained
Ep 16 X-Men #16 Juicy Rumors!
Stan Lee in (or not in) Marvel movies
Ep 17 X-Men #17 Mail Bag!
Gay X-men, first gay kiss
Ep 18 X-Men #18 History of Jack Kirby
Just wanted the credit
Ep 19 X-Men #19 Uncanny X-men: The Final Issue
Comic renumbering and other marketing gimmicks
Ep 20 X-Men #20 Roy Thomas Biography
Ep 21 X-Men #21 Irving Forbush and Funky Flashman
Plus, little girls take over opener
Ep 22 X-Men #22 Original Comic (1966) Examined!
Colors and advertisements discussed.
Ep 23 X-Men #23 Gene Colan Memorial
Ep 24 X-Men #24 Steve Ditko Biography
Ep 25 X-Men #25 The Story of Captain Marvel
Suing Shazam
Ep 26 X-Men #26 Breaking News:
Kirby Estate Lawsuit and Creator’s Rights
Ep 27 X-Men #27 Glasgow Shout Out
Ep 28 X-Men #28 The Siegel & Shuster Story, Part I
Birth of Superman
Ep 29 X-Men #29 The Siegel & Shuster Story, Part II
The Shuster Fetish Work
Ep 30 X-Men #30 Trivia!
Early Marvel Television Animation
Ep 31 X-Men #31 Scurrilous Rumors!
Did Tony Stark create the Sentinels?
Ep 32 X-Men #32 Comic Book Ages!
Golden, Lost, Silver, Bronze, & Modern Dark
Ep 33 X-Men #33 Story of Bob Kane vs. Bill Finger!
Ep 34 X-Men #34 History of Hollow Earths
Ep 35 X-Men #35 Spider-man loves to team up!
Stan Lee starts to give up the reins
Ep 36 X-Men #36 William Moulton Marston Story
Origin of Wonder Woman!
Also some Ross Andru discussion.
Ep 37 X-Men #37 Don Heck Biography
Including the origin of Pepper Potts!
Ep 38 X-Men #38 X-Aspirations the Australian punk band?!
Ep 39 X-Men #39 The Joe Simon Saga, Part I
Early days, Victor Fox, Al Harvey, Jacob Kurtzberg
Ep 40 X-Men #40 The Joe Simon Saga, Part II
Captain America Origin
Mail Bag! Ditko and the Green Goblin
Ep 41 X-Men #41 The Joe Simon Saga, Part III
Kirby+Simon team, Boy Commandos, Young Romance, Mainline Comics
Ep 42 X-Men #42 The Joe Simon Saga, Part IV
Sick Mag, Lawsuit, Brother Power the Geek
Mail Bag! Secondary Mutations
Ep 43 X-Men #43 Fun with Kidney Stones!
Ep 44 X-Men #44 Who Really Invented Spider-man?
Simon, Lee, Ditko, or Kirby?
Ep 45 X-Men #45 X-Aspirations First X-mas Special
Charles Dickens-style
Ep 46 X-Men #46 Gary Friedrich Biography
Sgt Fury/Nick Fury, Ghost Rider
Ep 47 X-Men #47 Arnold Drake Biography
Doom Patrol, Deadman, Guardians, First Graphic Novel: Rhymes with Lust
Ep 48 X-Men #48 “Real” Comic Book Crime
Bob Wood and Crime Does Not Pay murder
Ep 49 X-Men #49 “Real” Comic Book Crime
Charlton Comics founder Santangelo, the Mafia, Hustler, shooting of Flynt
Ep 50 X-Men #50 Jim Steranko Biography
Magician, artist, Nick Fury, surrealism,
reinvents comic layout/design
Ep 51 X-Men #51 Comic Book News
U.S. Customs judge mutants not human!
Comic Giveaway Contest + new puppy!
Ep 52 X-Men #52 1st Year Anniversary Episode!
Contest winners! Year in Review!
Ep 53 X-Men #53 Barry Windsor-Smith Biography
Conan, LifeDeath with Storm, Weapon X
Ep 54 Ka-Zar #2-3
Marvel Tales #30
Jerry Siegel writes Angel for Marvel
Ep 55 X-Men #54 History of Underground Comix, Part I!
Zap, Robert Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Gilbert Shelton, Jay Lynch
Ep 56 X-Men #55 True Comic Book Crime
Nerdiest Meth King + Drugs in ASM 96-98, GL/GA 85!
Danger Room Rivalry Born!
Ep 57 X-Men #56 Neal Adams Biography
Realistic style and relevant comics, creator’s
rights, “Expanding Earth” nutcase
Ep 58 X-Men #57 Mailbag!
Neal Adam’s rejected cover for X-men #56
Ep 59 X-Men #58 History of Underground Comix, Part II!
Rock posters & album covers, Rick Griffin, Victor Moscoso
Ep 60 X-Men #59 Scurrilous Rumors!
Late podcasts! Damn you Danger Room!
Ep 61 X-Men #60 True Comic Book Crime
Friendly Frank’s obscenity trial, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Ep 62 X-Men #61 War breaks out with the Danger Room!
Ep 63 X-Men #62 Hot Topix in Comic Books!
Women in Refrigerators! Brokenback ladies! Also, Zipper tops!
Ep 64 X-Men #63 True Comic Book Crime
Otto Skorzeny, real life super-villain with a Schmiss!
Ep 65 X-Men #64 History of Japanese Manga
Master Flashgold’s Splendiferous Dream,
Osamu Tezuka, Shojo, Akira
Ep 66 X-Men #65 Enquiring Candy!
Hank Pym’s slap explained
Ep 67 X-Men #66 Angel’s Lament!
End of the Silver Age
Ep 68 Amazing Adventures #11 Gerry Conway Biography
The 70’s Marvel Editor-In-Chief position
Ep 69 Amazing Adventures #12-15 Steve Englehart Biography
Plus Mea Culpa: We Got The Wrong Steel!
Also, Time for Timers!
Ep 70 Amazing Adventures #16
Hulk #161 & 172
Everyone’s Favorite Game Show,
Ep 71 Avengers #110-111 X-X-Aspirations… so sexy.
Ep 72 Incredible Hulk #180-181 Special guest Tim Powers of Fandom Planet!
Len Wein biography, w/a little Herb Trimpe, too.
Ep 73 Captain America #172-175 Time for Timers, Redux!
Ep 74 Amazing Spider-Man #92
Incredible Hulk #150
Marvel Team-Up #23/38
The Defenders #15/16
Fantastic Four Giant #4
The No Limits Podcast!
Ep 75 Giant-Size X-Men #1 History of Creation of All New X-Men!
Len Wein & Dave Cockrum Bios
All New, All Different X-Aspirations!
Ep 76 X-Men #94 Joe Kubert Memorial
Sgt Rock and The Kubert School
Ep 77 X-Men #95 Steve Gerber and Howard the Duck!
Ep 78 X-Men #96 Interview with Neil Kaanapuni,
Game Developer of Rubber Bandito!
Ep 79 X-Men #97 X-men relaunch again? Sigh, Marvel Now.
Seamus’ 40th birthday bash talk.
Ep 80 X-Men #98 Chris Claremont Biography
16 continuous years of writing and building
the X-men!
Ep 81 X-Men #99 True Comic Book Crime
The Petoskey Batman, Phoenix Jones, Terrifica, and the Real Life Superhero Project
Ep 82 X-Men #100 X-Men News!
Fox and Mark Millar’s new plan for X-men movie franchise + Candy’s Electra/War Machine work!
Ep 83 X-Men #101 Jim Shooter and Archie Goodwin
the rise of a new Editor-In-Chief
Ep 84 X-Men #102 X-Aspirations Second X-mas Special
Rudolph and the X-Men!
Ep 85 X-Men #103 Book Review!
El Iluminado by Ilan Stavans & Steve Sheinkin
Ep 86 X-Men #104 History of the Comic Strip: The Yellow Kid
Richard Outcault, beginning of the medium
Ep 87 X-Men #105 History of the Comic Strip: Winsor McKay
Rarebit Fiends, Little Nemo in Slumberland,
Gertie the Dinosaur
Ep 88 X-Men #106 X-Men News!
Magneto marries Professor X!
Plus, Market Research Results
and Pirate Treasure Sven!
Ep 89 X-Men #107 Legion of Super-Heroes Explained!
Plus, Cockrum’s resignation letter
printed in Iron Man #127.
Ep 90 X-Men #108 Story of John Byrne, Part I
The Good. X-men, Alpha Flight, Fantastic
Four, Superman doing porn
Ep 91 X-Men #109 Story of John Byrne, Part II
The Bad. Booster Cogburn not suffering
fools gladly. #1 Listener Everitt!
Ep 92 X-Men #110 True Comic Book Crime
Cocaine-Selling Hulk of Coventry.
Las Vegas Road Trip!
Ep 93 X-Men #111 Story of John Byrne, Part III
The Ugly. John Byrne’s Antics!
The Trial of Marv Wolfman.
Ep 94 X-Men #112 True Comic Book Crime
K-Ruff the Huffster and his the Real Life
Wolverine Attack
Ep 95 X-Men #113 History of the Comic Strip: Mutt and Jeff
Bud Fisher. Famous Funnies, 1st comic book ever.
Ep 96 X-Men #114 X-Aspirations Third X-mas Special
The Grinch Mutant That Stole Xmas
Ep 97 X-Men #115 Mailbag!
Collecting, buying, & reading comics questions. Maddy P doesn’t know if S.S.’s love is real!
Ep 98 X-Men #116 True Comic Book Crime
John Verpooten lapping just ahead of the law!
Ep 99 X-Men #117 From Albert Einstein to George Lucas: How Marvel Comics Was Almost Destroyed!
Roy Thomas brings Star Wars
Ep 100 X-Men #118 History of X-Aspirations Super Clip Show!
Ep 101 X-Men #119 Renewing our nightmarish feud with the Danger Room!
Ep 102 X-Men #120 Story of Jim Starlin and the Birth of Marvel Cosmic
Ep 103 X-Men #121 Classic X-Men Reprints
Ep 104 X-Men #122 Heroes For Hope: Starring The X-Men
Ep 105 X-Men #123 X-Men Take On Hanukkah!
Ep 106 X-Men #124 True Comic Book Crime
Elana Pritchard: Cartoonist In Jail
Ep 107 X-Men King-Size Annual #3 George Perez Biography
King of Rubble: Teen Titans, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Wonder Woman
Ep 108 Uncanny X-Men #125 Rom the SpaceKnight
Ep 109 Uncanny X-Men #126 Origin of Homo Superior
Ep 110 Uncanny X-Men #127 Rise of the Direct Market
Candy Has Something To Say! – Top Female Money-Makers In Hollywood
Ep 111 Uncanny X-Men #128 Story of Dave Sim
Ep 112 Uncanny X-Men #129 True Comic Book Crime
Impersonating A Comic Con Special Agent!
Ep 113 Uncanny X-Men #130 Origin of Dazzler!
Ep 114 Uncanny X-Men #131 Female Comic Creators
Ep 115 Uncanny X-Men #132 KISS and Comics
Ep 116 Uncanny X-Men #133 True Comic Book Crime
Real Life Superheroes Redux!
The Petoskey Batman, Bee Sting, Wheel Clamp Man, Redbud Woman and the great Phoenix Jones!
Ep 117 Uncanny X-Men #134 Marvel Live Action Movies
Ep 118 Uncanny X-Men #135 X-men/Stranger Things Connections
Ep 119 Uncanny X-Men #136 People of Color In Comics, Part I
Ep 120 Uncanny X-Men #137 X-Men vs. Frosty the Snowman
Ep 121 Uncanny X-Men #138 People of Color In Comics, Part II
Ep 122 X-Men Annual #4 X-Men Gold #1 Controversy
Ep 123 Uncanny X-Men #139 Louise “Weezie” Simonson
Ep 124 Uncanny X-Men #140 Sexual Harassment in Comics
Ep 125 Uncanny X-Men #141 True Comic Book Crime
Spider-Man Ceramic Murder
Ep 126 Uncanny X-Men #142 People of Color In Comics, Part III Milestone Comics
Ep 127 Uncanny X-Men #143 Story of John Byrne, Part IV
Alternate Dark Phoenix Ending
Doctor Doom/Claremont Feud
Ep 128 Uncanny X-Men #144 Man-Thing, Swamp Thing, and The Heap!
Ep 129 Uncanny X-Men #145 True Comic Book Heroes
Children’s Hospital Superhero Window Washers
Ep 130 Uncanny X-Men #146 Marvel Corporate History, Part I Martin Goodman and Timely/Marvel Comics
Perfect Film and Chemical Company
Al “Einstein” Landau Fraud, Direct Market
New World Pictures, Ron Perelman
Marvel IPO and X-men #1
Ep 131 Uncanny X-Men #147 Marvel Corporate History, Part II Marvel Marketing Dominance: Covers n’ Crossovers
Acquisitions: Fleer, Toy Biz, Panini, Skybox
Heroes World Distribution and Speculation Bust
Heroes Reborn, Marvel Studios
Perelman vs. Icahn, Rise of Films, Disney Age
Ep 132 Uncanny X-Men #148 X-Men Holiday QVC Spectacular!
Ep 133 Uncanny X-Men #149 True Comic Book Crime
Bulgaria Edition!
Ep 134 Uncanny X-Men #150 Just Making The Listener Uncomfortable
Ep 135 Uncanny X-Men #151 History of the Comic Strip: George Herriman
Krazy Kat: Innovation, High Art, and Life As A Hidden African-American
Ep 136 Uncanny X-Men #152 Hannukah Song a la X-Aspirations
Ep 137 Uncanny X-Men #153 Top Apocalypse Comics!
Ep 138 Avengers Annual #10 Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel
Ep 139 Uncanny X-Men #154 True Comic Book Crime
Central Park Birding Edition
Ep 140 Wolverine #1 Frank Miller, Part 1
Early Years: Daredevil and Ronin
Ep 141 Wolverine #2 Frank Miller, Part 2
The Dark Knight Returns
Ep 142 Wolverine #3 Frank Miller, Part 3
Miller Goes To Hollywood

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