Episode 023, “To Save A City!”

X-Aspirations Episode 023
X-Men #23, August 1966
“To Save A City!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

Vaya Con Dios, Colan The Great, May Your Shade Find Cool Shade to Shade In!

In Which We Discover Why The Smell of Fresh Milk Drives Beast Into A Frothing Frenzy, Why Nefaria Has The Soft Hands of A Lady of Leisure, and That Beltway Bellboys Expect A Certain Level Of Valor From All Guests, Wheelchairs Be Damned!

Hee, hee! Power Horn!

In memory of the great Gene Colan (1926-2011), we present a couple of examples of his work. On the left, Tomb of Dracula #48, an example from his heyday, and the right two pieces are pages from the fairly recent, Captain America #601. The Captain America pages are just Gene’s pencils, uninked and uncolored, so you can really see a master of shading at work.

Ever since the DC Dome incident, disparaging remarks about “Washington insiders” have really fallen out of favor.

Foolish X-men, FIRST you form a Political Action Committee and donate money to multiple candidates, THEN you extort money from Congress.

And by “emanations,” Xavier means urine. Count Nefaria really needs to clean his dungeon after every use.

I think you could have run this panel as an editorial cartoon at any time in the past forty years and no one would have blinked an eye. Did you make Angel the military-industrial complex in your interpretation? Me too!

I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Hank. Beasts climbing to the top of the tallest structure around? If you see a Beauty, stay away, because she will most certainly kill you.

On the list of sound effects that I would never like to read in a comic book again, SPLOOSH ranks fairly high, just behind that grotesque abomination, ZISH.

Oh come on!

It started out as a game of Red Rover. Everyone was laughing, linking arms, and having a good time. But pretty soon that slick, silicon coating from Eel got on everyone. And then things got freaky.

One more evil hand wring and the Count will be eligible for a free 6″ Subway sandwich. Yeah, I don’t get this cross promotion stuff either.

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