Episode 022, “Divided We Fall!”

X-Aspirations Episode 022
X-Men #22, July 1966
“Divided We Fall!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Jay Gavin, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

Haversacks, X-Ray Specs, Or Hitler Soap… How’s A Boy To Choose?

In Which We Learn That The Giant Robot Colosso Just Wants A Minute of Your Time To Discuss The Problem of Ground-In Dirt, That Count Nefaria Won’t Be Able To Decide Which of His Super Henchmen He Will Miss Most of All, And That Beast May Like To Drink The Cherry Cola: C-O-L-A Cola!

Got To Run Catch The End Of The Mets Game. They Are Only Seven Runs Behind!

On the left is a scan of the actual 45-year old issue, while the right is the scanned cover from Marvel Masterworks. Poor color printing or the ravages of time, you decide!

Ah the lost days of yesteryear, when selling crap to kids really meant something.

The Maggia Super-Villains:

Not a ripe banana in the bunch.

Tremble before Colosso! Fear his convection oven with both variable broil and self-cleaning cycle!

OK, Xavier, we talked about this. You have to put his nose in it or he will keep doing it in the house.

Unknown to his pupils, Xavier’s dream was actually someday doing dramatic dinner theater in the Catskills.

Waldo went on to record such 60s classics as Broken Goggles, Waiting For Vera, and The Soft-Cheeked Man. Unfortunately, he failed to change his name from the terminally uncool Waldo, which doomed his rock career and sent him spiraling downward into male prostitution, where ironically he regularly has to pretend to be a woman.

This isn’t a Marvel Modern Masterwork printing error! Those are speed blurs that were left out of the original. No prize me!

Ah, I see now. Cool by comparison. I believe that move is called a “Henry Winkler.”

Despite Warren’s assurances otherwise… Yeah. It got weird.

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