Episode 020, “I, Lucifer…”

X-Aspirations Episode 020
X-Men #20, May 1966
“I, Lucifer…”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Jay Gavin, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

Roy Is The New Kid On The Block, Both Hangin’ Tough And Taking It Step By Step!

In Which We Learn That Cyclops May Need To Top Off His Juice, That The Super Weapon Of Lucifer MAY Be Overcompensating For Something, And Sector B Totally Rules While Clearly Sector A Drools!

Hey, Who You Calling a Fudgesicle Freak?!

Guess what, Blob? The Joe that owns that car is Joe Namath, recently signed with the N.Y. Jets. And guess who is not going to get so much as a pair of pantyhose while Charles Xavier is sitting pretty at the 50 yard line. Do not piss off NY football royalty.

Now we know what happened to all the old paper name tags Xavier made for Cerebro.

The crowd still against me? What if I take out a traffic light? How about this mailbox? Surely reducing this public fountain to rubble will score me some points. What will it take to appease this fickle mob?!

Oh God, are those Swisher Sweets? The Blob’s repulsiveness shows no bounds. They come in Grape flavor, I kid you not.

On Lucifer’s world all men of a certain age have gigantic energy cannons. And Corvettes.

The real tragedy is that is the C train, voted worst subway line in NYC. “Next Stop, the Port Authority.” Nooooo!!!

After repeatedly failing basic periscope operation, young Charles Xavier was told he would never realize his lifelong dream of becoming a submariner.

Rather than assuming the Luciferians have dome shaped heads, I would like to believe that is where they store a variety of healthy organic snacks, like dried fruit or possibly a soy-based trail mix.

Also Xavier, would you be a lamb and clean up before you leave? I would hate to lose my cleaning deposit.

I think we can assume from the Professor’s expression that a resentful Beast filled that helmet with Nitrous gas.

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