Episode 019, “Lo! Now Shall Appear – The Mimic!”

X-Aspirations Episode 019
X-Men #19, April 1966
“Lo! Now Shall Appear – The Mimic!”
Story by Stan Lee, Pencils by Jay Gavin, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Artie Simek.

All Good Things Must Come To An End, At Least That’s What Marvel Marketing Tells Us!

In Which We Discover Why Not All Civil War Antiquities Belong On A Mantlepiece, Why Experimental Chemistry Has No Place In The Home of The Single Dad, And Why It Is So Freaking Hard To Keep One Working Sugar Dispenser On Every Damn Table!

Are These Coffee Creamers Already Open? Arrgggghhhhh!!!!!

Here is the announced cover to the “Last” issue of the Uncanny X-Men, #544. Do not worry, it will be immediately followed the next month by Uncanny X-Men #1. Re-numbering is now (sadly) a common industry marketing tool.

As far as I’m concerned, the Village People should have all been construction workers.

Women are just like sugar dispensers, am I right fellas? Sweet, but never there when you need them, always leaving because you have too many “issues.” Just because you threw their mother through a plate glass window. Hey, maybe it is ok for elderly ladies to pinch cheeks in the barnyard where you grew up, but in my neighborhood that is a request for a double suplex slam with a side of elbow to the face! And that hip was shattered when I got there! What the hell was I talking about again?!?! SUGAR!?!?! AAAAAAAA!!!!!

You know what Chekhov said about having a rifle hanging over the mantelpiece: It better go off before the final act. The mind boggles.

OK, which team member gave Mimic that onion ass? Common wisdom points to Warren, but remember, Xavier has nothing to do all day but squeeze his glutes…

This whole story would make a lot more sense as an intervention. Get him! Ok, Calvin. First of all, we all love you. That’s why we’re here. Now here is a list of ways your anger problem has affected us.

Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem called while you were out, Jean. Let’s just say your speaking engagement calender has opened up nicely.

Actually, only once you have seen the fully stocked wet bar, state of the art hi-fi system, and rotating circular bed will you finally understand the secret of the Mimic! Here’s a hint: it’s a sexy secret.

The angry mob story was all malarky! Clearly McDonald’s shut down his dad with a cease and desist order.

Your father died blowing up the cave he was standing in. His death wasn’t in vain. It was evolutionarily necessary.

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