Episode 134, “I, Magneto…”

X-Men #150, October 1981
“I, Magneto…”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Dave Cockrum, Inks by Josef Rubinstein and Bob Wiacek, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Louise Jones, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter.

Double Issue Double Pumping!

In Which We Learn That Wolverine Is A Serial Lady Dunker, That Scott Summers Finds Impossible Lovecraftian Geometry Surprisingly Sexy, And That While Magneto May Be An Insane Despot, His Musings On Government Resource Allocation Are Surprisingly Compelling!

Magneto Teaches Us A Critical Lesson: Don’t Wait Too Long To Drop Your Backstory Or Kids Get Hurt!

Only the power of magnetism makes all those buckles even remotely practical.
Reagan may be non-plussed by Magneto’s sad attempt at live long and prosper, but Brezhnev has never seen such a finger!
The Captain would always bonk his hat on the periscope at the worst possible moment..
Magneto really loves music videos, the more intense the better.
Could you turn the heat up? Me and Cthulu are freezing in here.
The Blackbird is basically uninsurable.
As the Caribbean sun continues to climb the sky, Charles is coming to regret his refusal of a wide-brimmed hat.
The key to underwater mutant adventures is branding.
Kitty! This is not the time to take advantage of the situation. Have some restraint, Girl!
Scott did not properly account for Wolverine’s almost primal lust for calamari!
There is zero chance this falls under the Home Owner’s Association by-laws for lawn ornamentation.
That is the wrong way to cut cake.
They had a good coupon, but that was the last time Magneto would use that discount dry-cleaner.
Dammit! If Charles had known there was going to be a blinding light battle, he would have definitely worn a wide-brimmed hat.
Charles would never stop playing with the salon chair. He is bald for a reason.
Please don’t let me get an erection… Baseball, baseball, Granny.
Xavier is a bit intense when it comes to his skin care regiment. It”s just a zit, Professor!
I told her! No more than three colors per outfit! Three colors! Why God, why?!!!
The Ring movie re-make does not look great. Also, you will die in three days if you don’t show this web page to someone else.

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