Episode 129, “Kidnapped!”

X-Men #145, May 1981
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Dave Cockrum, Inks by Josef Rubinstein, Lettered by Joe Rosen, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Louise Jones, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter.

Nothing More True Than Heroics At Ten Stories!

In Which We Discover That If Nothing Else The Opera Is A Perfect Place To Bone Down, That Doctor Doom Decorations Nefariously Emphasize Form Over Function, And That A Surprisingly High Percentage of the X-men Are Experts in Nude Combat!

The Hardest Part About Getting a Nondescript Doctorate Is Trying To Advance to Indeterminate Candidacy!

Joy buzzers aren’t supposed to be used on the shoulder!

Miss Locke continues to be haunted by all her tiny doll murders.

Storm suddenly realized she was missing out on a fortune in self-merchandising!

Jean Grey is not loving the baller life.

Damn it, Professor, you know there’s no screen time during afternoon tea!

Havok felt the wah wah Trumpet noise with accompanying laugh track were at the very least over-indulgent, if not downright mean.

Doom wore his skirts short as a total power move.

Seriously, though. What the hell is that? A salt shaker? A sweet gear shift head? Argh!

And imagine, all this on the second-to-last night of Channukah!

By the power of Jesus, Doom heals thee!

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