Episode 009, “Enter The Avengers!”

X-Aspirations Episode 009
X-Men #9, January 1965
“Enter, The Avengers!”
Written by Stan Lee, Drawn by Jack Kirby, Inked by Chic Stone, Lettered by S. Rosen.

What’s A Brother Got To Do For A Little Respect Around Here?

In Which We Learn That James Cameron Ain’t Got Nothing On Lee and Kirby, What Exactly Makes Thor’s Mjolnir Quiver, And That Geography Was Probably Not Stan Lee’s Strongest Subject.

Mjolnir is the Name of His Hammer, Pervert. Eyes Up Here!

Yes, Jean, I understand that the continual pressure of using your telekinesis may result in a fatal brain hemorrhage… but damn this feels fine. Now make me a waffle.

So-called enchanted?! Stay thy tongue, Villain! Or else Thor and his mighty secondary eyebrow will drive yonder hammer up your “so-called” tin rectum!

Listen, there have been a number of complaints about your Grandfather’s new wheelchair. The noise, the smell, its tendency to punch 2 foot diameter holes in the walls of our day atrium. Oh and poor Mrs. Gerplotz! Her schnauzer won’t even leave her room anymore. But seriously, we’ll put all that aside if you can just get him to take off that freaking miner’s hat. He was an accountant from Queens for crissakes!

Real heroes use primary colors. Only a godless communist would water down his colors by mixing them. Careful Cyclops, that beam of yours is looking a little bit too “pinko” to me!

No joke for this one. Too soon. We’ll save the funny for the next one.

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