Episode 102, “Wanted: Wolverine! Dead or Alive!”

X-Men #120, April 1979
“Wanted: Wolverine! Dead or Alive!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Edited by Roger Stern, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter

Catch A Rising Starlin!

In Which We Learn That There Is No Shame Greater Than The Mid-Plane Walk of Shame, That Storm Would Be Perfect For Hair or Equus or Really Any Play Where She Can Hang Out Her Junk, And That, Yes, Banshee Did Try Adding Both Ginger and Honey To Hot Chamomile And Now Would Like You To Shut Up With All Your Home Brewed Throat Bullcrap!

Our Ignorance Of Canada May Be Broad, But Our Casual Dismissiveness Is Deep!

Jim Starlin is considered by most the father of modern Marvel Cosmic, taking the baton from Lee and Kirby’s Fantastic Four and running with it to the other side of the Cosmos. Above we see his introduction of the re-invented Warlock, a troubled space Jesus, about to be wrapped up in a mind-bending saga involving organized religion, time travel, the balance of chaos and order, soul corruption, death, and suicide.

Jim Starlin’s most famous creation is Thanos, the Mad Titan. While developed independently, the inspiration for the final form of Thanos does owe a lot to Jack Kirby’s Fourth World New Gods in general and Darkseid in particular. Also seen in this panel is another Starlin creation, Gamora, “the most dangerous woman in the galaxy.” Both are on prominent display (along with Drax, another Starlin baby) in the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Psychedelia plays a huge role in 1970’s Jim Starlin art, inspired by equal parts Steve Ditko and LSD.

Steve Ditko’s influence can be clearly seen in this panel, with a M. C. Escher-type world that could have been taken straight from a 1960’s Dr. Strange comic.

Jim Starlin is famous for his irreverent parodies of Marvel greats. Top is Stan Lee clown (Lens Tean) trying to convince Starlin’s Warlock to play along with the other clowns. Bottom left is poor Roy Thomas, battered by pies for not playing the game. Bottom right is Pip the Troll, lovingly based on the great Jack Kirby.

Jim Starlin is a master of using layout, splash pages, panels, and panel size to moderate the pacing of his comic stories. In the above sequence of panels, Warlock’s quest to erase his own evil future is coming to a climactic finish and the panels shrink down and multiply so we can appreciate this critical juncture from all the different story angles Jim laid out.

Finally, here is a beautiful splash page from Avengers Annual #7, where the Avengers battle a horde of Thanos’ alien thralls to save the earth. Jim Starlin really did a nice alien.

H&M has really down to earth offerings this year. I’m gonna pop for one of the Snowbird mini-ties.

Wait, try it again.  No put it the other way.  Nooooo, the OTHER way!  Swipe it faster…..  Maybe wrap a piece of paper on it?  Blow on it?

So… how much for an Around the World, claw boy?

This is exactly how every airplane porno starts.

“I’m sorry, did you say something about my deck?”

Never say Black Tie Optional, because then no one knows what to wear.

Can there be too much tinsel? Yes. Yes there can.

Banshee does not approve of so much solid color. By the Blarney Stone, he enjoys a fine paisley!

Yeah, we had a great first date!  We were really connecting, and then that guy crashed through the roof and ruined everything!  The mall was wrecked, my green jacket got stained and then Johnny died…  It was a real bummer.

Wait, Ororo, are we starting the fight already? Let me just get this… jacket… off… One sec…

Well, crap, now my arms are stuck.

Yikes. One more panel would have gotten Wolverine a “Thank You Mham!”

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