Episode 100, “The Submergence of Japan”

X-Men #118, February 1979
“The Submergence of Japan”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Ric Villamonte, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Glynis Wein, Edited by Roger Stern, Editor-In-Chief Jim Shooter

Sometimes You Clip, Sometimes You Get Clipped!

In Which We Learn That Colossus Has Both A Hulk Fetish And The Torn Pants To Prove It, That If Sunfire Drops Just One More “Woman” Epithet Then The Only Thing Left Capable Of Rising On His Torso Will Be His Sun, And That Wolverine Is The Best At What He Does And What He Does Is Love Anachronistic Geishas That Are Still Out of His League!

Waiting For The Other Shoe To Plop!


Look, Ororo, I threw Wolverine’s sweater in the water right over there! Near the inferno hell-town. Ha ha, you should see his face, Ororo! His sweater is totally ruined. Saints preserve me, I am laughing so hard at Wolverine right now!

Wolverine, Mein Freund? Please turn around. I can not make with der Guten Boom Boom while you look at me.

Figures that Shiro Yoshida is the kind of douche who forgets to turn off his high beams in the face of oncoming traffic.

Do you see her pants?! How they flare at the bottom? They are already out of style and will not be main stream fashion again until 1996!

Wolverine hit on Mariko for nearly 15 minutes before he realized she was just a life-sized cardboard cut-out.

I ran into a similar guy at Club Mandroid. Only the metal tubing was not attached to his shoulder.

Kurt cheats at limbo.

Like many a child before her, Ororo discovered that Macaroni Art should not be left out in the rain.

My mother told me that planting the severed fingers was stupid. Who is the moron now, mom?!

I’m sorry. I just don’t get The Wiz.

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