Episode 093, “Mindgames!”

X-Men #111, June 1978
“Mind Games!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inks by Terry Austin, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Edited by Archie Goodwin

Wolfman Gets A Case of Heart Byrne!

In Which We Learn That Beast Has A Singin’ In The Rain Wardrobe Always At The Ready, That You Have To Pay Extra For The Yukon Blow Off, And That Wolverine Is McCoy’s Feral Brother of Another Mother!  

No Hypnotist Can Stand Before The Awesome Might Of Conjuctivitis!

Real Americans find nothing but joy and wonder at the prospect of entering a freak show, Hank. Get with the program or go back where you came from, Comrade!

Did Hank just swipe the ‘C’ from that kid’s jacket? Poor little Jakie.

What does that Tiki mask see that we can’t?!

One problem with a multi-national X-team is the ludicrous number of foreign language “local” papers!. If USA Today is good enough for the Professor it should be good enough for the rest of you!

The catcher… Do we consider his feelings, forced to intentionally fail at his job, night after night, show after show, city after city? This wasn’t what he signed on for.

Traditionally the monogram goes on top of the left breast, but then again, Scott has always been a bit tacky.

He knew that if he could just clap he could save Tinkerbell’s life. If… he… could… just… clap!

You probably don’t want to know what Beast refers to as “his dukes.”

Turns out a lightning rod was a particularly poor choice of weapon.

And now, I must demand a final tally! What does everyone want in their Jamba?

Just keep in mind that the first person who says the word “Probiotic” will be eviscerated.

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