Episode 90, “Armageddon Now!”

X-Men #108, December 1977
“Armageddon Now!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by John Byrne, Inked by Terry Austin, Lettered by Wohl & Orz, Colors by Andy Yanchus, Edited by Archie Goodwin

If You Play With Fire You Will Get John Byrne!

In Which We Find That Most Space Pirate Lizardmen Would Kill For A Tube Of Chapstick, That Alien Guard Dwarfs Fearlessly Wield Their Crotches Like Pubescent Girl Gymnists, And That Ben Affleck Was This Close To Going With The Story Of The X-Men and the M’Kraan Crystal, Only Alan Arkin Refused To Wear The Damn Adamantium Claws!

Try Banshee’s Irish Throat Blasters! Now With Twice The Menthalyptus!

The following are the examples of John Byrne’s work discussed on the pdocast.

Fantastic Four #292, July 1986, from the tail end of John Byrne’s epic five year run. One of his most memorable FF changes was swapping out The Thing for She-Hulk. Below we see his take on Nazi robots and She-Hulk’s take on dismantling same.

Alpha Flight #1, August 1983, an all Canadian team book spun out of characters Byrne originally created for the X-men. Below we see the shape changing Snowbird (on a typically sparse Byrne background) and the awesome Tundra, the first introduction of the Great Beasts that Canada is lousy with.

In 1986, John Byrne left Marvel and took over the reconstruction of Superman following the Crisis on Infinite Earths. While generally a “back to basics” approach, he managed to take the Man of Steel some strange places, like Action #593, October 1987. Here we find an evil fiend has mind-controlled Superman and Big Barda into make some sort of dirty video. Yeah. Eww.

Marvel Fanfare #29, November 1986, was  created by John Byrne before he left Marvel in 1986, but its controversial all single splash page structure led it to be shelved for a year. Hulk meets an “old Indian man” and is drugged before two C-grade villains, Hammer and Anvil, attempt to kill him via strangulation. Of course they fail (Hulk is strongest one there is, duh) and it all turns out to be a trap for the duo, who are murdered by the Scourge of the Underworld, a plot device designed to thin Marvel’s over-population of ill-conceived villains.

When the Shi’Ar hold a movie premiere, they do it right.

Enter the Wonderful World of AMAZING Live Sea-Monkeys! Own a bowlful of happiness.

Wait a minute… purple Muppet body, Bowie Labyrinth hair, guarding a Dark Crystal…

Jim Henson Lives!

Jahf learns the hard way not to tickle a man with a belly full of Guinness.

Storm liked neither  the ultra modern Epcot Center architecture nor its limited snack cart selections.

Clearly, Jean Grey is having some trouble.


Three Horrific Nightmare Visions and a Baby? C’mon, Kurt Wagner is a total Guttenberg!

Is Phoenix’s hand wrapping through space-time to just behind her? She might be able to pinch her own butt! I mean, from that weird angle, as obviously she could just reach down any time and… you know what? Forget it.

Look, I am no eye expert, but that retina looks detached.

The lovers, the dreamers, and me…


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