Episode 088, “Dark Shroud of the Past!”

X-Men #106, August 1977
“Dark Shroud of the Past!”
Written by Chris Claremont and Bill Mantlo, Pencils by Dave Cockrum and Bob Brown, Inked by Tom Sutton, Lettered by Sam Rosen, Colors by Andy Yanchus, Edited by Archie Goodwin

Ask Not For Whom The Marriage Bells Toll, They Toll For Charlie!

In Which We Find That For Teleportation Nightcrawler Has No Choice But To Use His Night and Weekend Minutes, That As A Canadian Wolverine Is Unable To Resist A Fine Ice Sluice, And That Once The X-Men Meet Xavier’s Alter Ego They Will Be Green With Envy!

Cyke, Cyke, Cyke of the X-Men, Watch Out For That Tree!

That is how X-moils do it.

Optic blasts down the throat cost extra.

Old costume or not, Warren is the only thing standing between them and a burst dyke!

Wolverine was absolutely stunned when informed he would not, in fact, be playing the role of Jean Valjean.

Only fools and imbeciles challenge Ororo to a round of Dodgeball!

Since “Shazam” was copyrighted by DC, Cyke never received the stamina of Atlas.

You know, now that Colossus had a chance to really look at it, maybe the tangerine orange paint was too much.

If your latest maneuver requires the gentle cupping of your teammate’s buttocks, odds are your next move will be to a sexual harassment seminar.

Everyone had scoffed when Scott suggested attending the “Tap Your Inner Tarzan” Training Seminar. Well, who’s laughing now?!

If Wolvie gets even whiff of Peppermint Schnapps, it’s all over.

Yelling out “First One Up Gets a Free Cape” was definitely a mistake.

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