Episode 087, “Phoenix Unleashed!”

X-Men #105, June 1977
“Phoenix Unleashed!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Bob Layton, Lettered by Tom Orz, Colors by Andy Yanchus, Edited by Archie Goodwin

Rarebits Help McKay With Finding Nemo?!

In Which We Discover That Embodying All Cosmic Destruction And Rebirth Does Not Mean You Can Dish A Good Biscuit, That Mister Fantastic Should Never Trust A Car Valet Wearing Ruby Red Eyeglasses, And That Even Heralds of Galactus Know Never To Put Anything In Their Ear Canals… Except For Their Elbow!

Funny McFaddenPants Lives!

“Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend”, Winsor McKay’s first big comic strip hit, premiered in 1905. Each week features a different fantastic and comical dream that grows increasingly absurd, following only the loose form of dream logic, until at last the dreamer awakes and swears off of Welsh Rarebits (or Rabbits) forever!

“Little Nemo In Slumberland” is Winsor McKay’s comic strip masterpiece, demonstrating the power of adding page layout to the comic strip toolbox. Like the Rarebit Fiends, Nemo entered dreamland every night, only to awaken back on his bed by the strip’s end.

Gertie the Dinosaur, largely acknowledged as the first animated cartoon, was created by Winsor McKay in 1914.

For years it was Siegfried, Firelord, and Roy, but that all ended when he met Yoko Ono.

Cripes! Enough with the Luau Avant Garde theater! I came to see hula girls, spinning torches, and questionably clean loin cloths! And not necessarily in that order!

The guy at the bus depot swore up and down that this was a legitimate original Star Trek DVD. Live and Learn.

When Misty Knight installs a bug light, she installs a Freakin’ Bug Light!

Ugggh, Amazon sent me the wrong helmet. Again.

Ever since cheerleading camp, Jean has used her whole body to spell everything.

That was the last time they held Fuzzy Bathrobe Day at the park.

Fishnet stocking suit and red leather bondage gear?! I think I have an idea what’s going to happen!

Damn, I wonder if the Bandit’s Firebird Trans Am could also power a stargate? I am certain Burt Reynold’s mustache could.

Stargate X-Men would clearly kick Stargate Universe’s ass.

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