Episode 086, “The Gentleman’s Name Is Magneto”

X-Men #104, April 1977
“The Gentleman’s Name Is Magneto”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Sam Grainger, Lettered by Patterson, Colors by A. Yanchus, Edited by Archie Goodwin

Who You Calling Yellow, Kid?!

In Which We Learn That If There Is One Thing The Scots Are Known For It Is Their Devotion To The Domestic Arts, That Everyone Loves Banshee And His New Delicious Crispy Outer Shell, And That Wolverine’s Girlfriend Is Always On Him About Never Remembering Important Anniversaries, Birthdays, or His Origin Story!

Hey Kids! Guess What’s Not Magnetic? Lead! Just Shoot Him In The Face!

The first appearance of the Yellow Kid in Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World, January 5, 1896. He would soon develop his signature word ballons printed right on his yellow dress shirt.

In October of 1896, William Randolph Hearst stole Richard Outcault and his Yellow Kid to star in his brand new New York Journal. Left) One of the last N.Y. World comics, Sept. 20, 1896, where the Hogan’s Alley Kids brutally beat a dogcatcher. Right) In the first half of 1897, Hearst sent R.F. Outcault on a extensive European trip to drum up further interest. We  join the Yellow Kid pondering the inscrutable Sphinx in Egypt on May 2, 1897.

October 25, 1896: Richard Outcault publishes the very first comic strip in the New York Journal. It stars the Yellow Kid.

By October 31, 1897, Richard Outcault has gotten a firm handle on the comic strip form. Sadly, in just a couple of months (January 1898) the Yellow Kid stops publication.

Richard Outcault goes on to create another popular comic strip, Buster Brown, a character made immortal by its licensing deal with the Brown Shoe Company. The Yellow Kid makes a few guest appearances, like the July 7, 1907 strip above, before fading into obscurity.


Too late, Banshee realized his grave error in inviting Wolverine to ride atop the Macy’s Thanksgiving Balloon.

That’s what she said.

OK, sorry, that sounds like a hack joke, but Ororo did first see this place in one of her dream visions.

And it had a huge penis.

Banshee was right, the Spring Cotillion did need to be kicked up a notch.

Magneto demands $5 foot-longs year round!

Say what you want about evil villains, they rock a tight cheek. I mean look at the heat waves coming off of Magneto’s ass!

Wait until I form the ferrous particles into a handlebar mustache… Then you will look ridiculous!

The Oscars were great, but I have to say Magneto’s plastic ring dress was over the top.

“But if the Emperor no go through the gate, how will Ch’od ever get chapstick?

Look out, the Imperial Spirograph Fleet approaches!

This was the Professor’s big chance. The gender ratio would never be more optimal for spin the bottle and besides Mr. Grey is hot!

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