Episode 84, “Who Will Stop The Juggernaut?”

X-Men #102, December 1976
“Who Will Stop The Juggernaut?”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Sam Grainger, Lettered by John Costanza, Colors by Bonnie Wilford, Edited by Archie Goodwin

A Glowing Nose Is An Obvious Mutation!

In Which We Find That Storm’s Fear of Confined Spaces Is Only Dwarfed By Her Dread of Charles Dickens Musicals, That Kurt Will Dance If He Wants To But He Won’t Leave His Friends Behind, And That Cain Marko Has Never Forgiven Xavier For Breaking His Officially Licensed Kirk Communicator!

And Can We Finally End This Ridiculous Slanket vs. Janket Feud!

Sweet Jaysus, many a young Irish lassie wish she be’en the corned beef in that Cassidy Sandwich!

When Wolverine plays jacks, he plays for keeps.

The customer service at Juggernaut’s Hair Salon was terrible, but the prices were just so damn low.

Torn clothes were all the rage back then.

In her mind, Misty was already composing her new roommate Craigslist ad.

And there is a mid-term in five minutes? But I haven’t studied am I not wearing pants!

Nightcrawler always wanted to murder someone with an ice-cream cone.

I believe Nightcrawler’s chances of surviving this situation are vanishingly small…

That’s right, I said vanishingly.  Deal with it.

Ach, maybe these boyos are not interested in a lassie sandwich? I mean, look at the way ole’ Tom is gripping that shillelagh!

Don’t sell yourself short, Pieter, we all know you can work the pommel horse for days.

Juggernaut better trade off X-men or his left arm is going to get much bigger.

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