Episode 083, “Like A Phoenix, From The Ashes!”

X-Men #101, October 1976
“Like A Phoenix, From The Ashes!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Pencils by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Frank Chiaramonte, Lettered by John Costanza, Colors by Bonnie Wilford, Edited by Archie Goodwin

Archie and Shooter Monkeying Around!

In Which We Learn That The X-Men Are Completely Deserving of Their Lifetime Triborough Airport Ban, That When Wolverine Came To The Big City He Traded In His Dreams For A Soiled Pair Of Thigh High Chaps, And That Banshee Knows Better Than To Look A Dead Gift Horse In The Mouth!

For The Love Of God Has Xavier Never Heard of a Stay-Cation?

So help me Scott, if you remark how much that sunset looks like Jean’s face one more time I will punch you right in the visor.

Jean Grey learned the hard way that one ought never take mushrooms right before a large team building exercise.

Or, alternatively, she could have just waited politely to be introduced. Yeesh.

The newspaper vender wishes he knew how to quit Logan.

To his chagrin, Xavier flubbed the final question on male pattern baldness, making the X-Team this week’s Trivial Pursuit champions!

For instance, a good time to leave your team leader alone would be when you have just walked in on him crying while humping his cot.

The absurdly lax Irish transportation controllers just narrowly missed causing one of the freakiest three way accidents in history.

If a Disney villainess doesn’t live there I’ll eat my hat. My stupid, ugly cowboy hat.

The Irish never seemed to really get the concept of the pinata.

Upon viewing this panel, 9 out of 10 teenage boys experience noticeably tighter pants.

While moving it down into the dungeon was a huge pain, Black Tom knew that nothing really expresses an aura of contemptuous superiority quite like a solid stone throne.

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