Episode 082, “Greater Love Hath No X-Man…”

X-Aspirations Episode 082
X-Men #100, August 1976
“Greater Love Hath No X-Man…”
Written by Chris Claremont, Art by Dave Cockrum , Lettered by Annette K., Colors by Bonnie W., Edited by Marv Wolfman

A Billion Reasons For More X-Movies!

In Which We Discover That Sharing a Primary Color Will Not Bring Nightcrawler Any Closer To Snagging a BFF, That Wolverine and Colossus Had Substantially Less Success Doing Their Wicked Googly, And That One Does Not Want To Even Ask Banshee How Many Ladies Go Into A Celtic Knot!

All This And A Lloyd Bentsen Shout Out!

Crazy Stephen has Crazy Prices on Crazy Big Screen TVs! You would have to be Crazy not to come down to his show room.

Certain mutants have an unfair advantage when it comes time for a snowball fight.

Unfortunately for Angel, the “Fastball Special” name has little to do with Colossus’ throw and all to do with what part of Wolverine strikes him.

Havok likes Mustard on everything.

Really great, ladies! Let’s just wrap this up with a tickle fight and group shower, and just see where things go from there…

The X-Men are appalled at Steven Lang’s choice in super realistic robot sex dolls.

No matter how many shards of shattered glass you toss at him, Xavier will never willingly surrender his Frak.

Lang would be more intimidating if his vehicle didn’t look like a bumper car had forcibly mated with an AMC Gremlin.

Yes, I can suck pink plasma into my head from yours.

No, it is not sanitary.

The needlepoint at Jean’s house is intense.

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