Episode 081, “Deathstar Rising!”

X-Aspirations Episode 081
X-Men #99, June 1976
“Deathstar, Rising!”
Written by Chris Claremont, Penciled by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Frank Chiara, Lettered by Irving W., Colors by Michele W., Edited by Marv Wolfman

We Must Remain Ever Vigilante!

In Which We Learn That Everyone Is Afraid To Ask Nightcrawler What Exactly Happens At A Jahrmarkt, That No Matter Their Color, Creed, or Country, Postal Workers Are Always Disgruntled, And That Cyclops Just Wants To Be Able To Pass Through A Macy’s Without Coming Out Smelling Like A French Whore!

SPKA DAMM, Woman, You Look Fine!

Hey kids, who is unrealistically portraying the physical trauma of complete decompression?

Hint: It rhymes with Smarvel.

Shuttle launch: $150 million. Mustache rides: free.

Colossus had a real hard time keeping his nocturnal emissions on the down low.

“Contact is secret; is the moment when everything happens!”

If that wet wind knocks out his pipe flame one more time, there will be hot Irish hell to pay.

Egads! The Sentinels have developed space tupperware!

This would be a good time for R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” (but not R Kelly’s penchant for “watersports”)

Nightcrawler’s Purity Pledge only lasted until they opened the Schnapps.

Scott was really intense about people borrowing his floss.

Dr. Lang’s attempt to put rotating rims on the space station goes horribly awry.

Lou Ferrigno was devastated that he was dis-invited to this Battle of the Network Stars. He knows why.

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