Episode 077, “Warhunt!”

X-Aspirations Episode 077
X-Men #95, October 1975
Written by Chris Claremont, Plotted by Len Wein, Penciled by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Sam Grainger, Lettered by Karen Mantlo, Colors by Petra Goldberg, Edited by Marv Wolfman

Wolf Man And the Gerber, Baby!

In Which We Learn That The Time Colossus Has Spent In America Is A Mixed Bag Of Exhilarating Freedoms And Debilitating Eating Disorders, That Storm Is The Bane of American Plumbing, And That The Secret Shame Of Cyclops Is His Inabilty To Understand Digital Countdown Technology!

Still No Pie For Seamus!

In 1973, Steve Gerber created Howard the Duck (along with artist Val Mayerik). Originally a horror parody back-up story, Howard graduated to his own comic book by 1976, becoming a venue for social satire. His resemblance to a certain Disney duck led to tense Marvel/Disney negotiations regarding his pants.

In addition to the comic book, Marvel starting a syndicated Howard the Duck comic strip in 1977. Originally written by Steve Gerber, the strip had so many issues with lateness, missed deadlines, and an increasingly experimental style that eventually Marvel felt it had to pull the strip from Gerber and hand it to Marv Wolfman instead. Not too surprisingly, Steve Gerber’s relationship with Marvel rapidly soured from there into a full break from the company. Above is a June 28, 1977 Gerber and Gene Colan Howard the Duck strip.

For comparison, this is a June 9, 1978 Marv Wolfman and Alan Kupperberg Howard the Duck strip.


Eh. Lot of splash. High 7s, low 8s at best.

And that was the night Nightcrawler beat Tony Monero at the Disco.

After that graphic “look both ways” PSA, Croaker became totally paranoid.

The question was: Why should you keep your Frogman away from onions?

No Gort, Injun Tossing is just as offensive as Dwarf Tossing.

Yes, even if you aim for an Irishman.

Garfield loved the Halloween Party, that is until the Lasagna Cops came.

And that is not half as shocking as the relationship update Colossus just found on Facebook!

Mario sends his best you Princess-napping sonuvabitch!

Wolverine tried his best to get Scott away from the computer before he read how Jean “was single and loving it”. Ouch.

With the sun shining so bright that day, Xavier should never have kept his reading glasses on top of his head.

Worst Boy Scout Trip. Ever.

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