Episode 076, “The Doomsmith Scenario!”

X-Aspirations Episode 076
X-Men #94, August 1975
“The Doomsmith Scenario!”
Plotted and Edited by Len Wein, Written by Chris Claremont, Penciled by Dave Cockrum, Inked by Bob McLeod, Lettered by Tom Orzechowski, Colors by Phil Rachelson

Cue The Kubert!

In Which We Find That Nefaria’s Minions Were Once Just Plucky Orphans With A Can-Do Attitude And Songs In Their Hearts, That Nightcrawler Really Knows How To Help A Team Leader Relax, And That Most Credit Card Disclosures Actually Include A Regrettably Unstoppable Armageddon (RUA) Clause!

Red Eyes Don’t Prevent Blue Balls!

Joe Kubert (1926-2012) is probably best known for his military comics and those involving Sgt. Rock in particular. Above is his cover to Our Army at War #299 (Dec. 1976) and a much more recent sketch he made of his tough-as-nails, Sergeant.

Tor is a prehistoric-human character created entirely by Joe Kubert. The above examples, cover and interior, are from a recent (2008) Tor revival by Joe Kubert and are quite illustrative of his sketchy, loose style.

Joe Kubert’s career was a long and prolific one, creating substantial quantities of comic book art up to the very end of his life. Above is cover art from his 200 page graphic novel, Dong Xoai, Vietnam 1965, published in 2010.

Nightcrawler please, you can, uh, “adjust” Colossus’ belt later. I am trying to hold a meeting!

Shiro Yoshida: Master of the dramatic stage aside.

Bobby is so mad he just crushed an entire handful of cheetos!

Unfortunately, as they were kissing, Cyclops’ visor slipped a bit and Jean lost an ear.

Cyclops wanted to put his mark on the new team, but the Danger Room didn’t need a custom Fathead.

It makes sense that the Village People needed to go in a whole new direction, but I am going to miss the Indian Chief.

The War Room is ours and I declare it a Smoking Area!

Not even the laws of perspective can survive those kind of g-forces!

Hmmmm, I really like Nefaria’s shade of pink… I wonder where he gets his foundation.

Can… Almost… Touch… His sweet… Russian…  ass…

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