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Welcome back to our long term listeners and Greetings and X-Salutations to any new listener, reader, or comic book enthusiast that have found their way to us! We hope you like the new layout. There is still quite a lot of dust and debris scattered about, but we figured better to just roll it out and work out the kinks mid-stream than only half-launch (i.e. half-ass) it. While we loved the old, crazy cartoon-y feel of the previous website it was a bit lacking in actual utility.

As of Episode 075, the podcast has reached the era of Claremont and his All New, All Different X-Men which are more familiar to the modern X-man fan, including Colossus, Storm, Nightcrawler, and of course the inimitable Wolverine. In comic book parlance that makes this an excellent jumping on point, as most of the characters we covered in the first 70+ episodes have moved off-stage for now. So if you want to know where to start, Episode 075 is it. Come right on in, our X-men hot tub is bubbling and we checked the chlorine levels just yesterday. If you end up enjoying your time, feel free to check the previous 74 episodes at your leisure. They are not going anywhere.

And hey, if you are liking what you hear, please drop something special into our lovebucket. Donations to X-Aspirations will help keep the ‘cast on your pod. No pressure.

The podcasts are also available via iTunes. Please leave us a review, if you can, it only takes a minute and helps others find the show (and gives us a warm fuzzy feeling). Also, we have our Suggested X-Reading List, invaluable if you want to get your hands on these comics and read along. They are just a couple of Amazon clicks away. We are also active on Twitter and Facebook, just check those links to the right.

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