Episode 075, “Second Genesis!”

X-Aspirations Episode 075
Giant-Size X-Men #1, May 1975
“Second Genesis!”
Written and Edited by Len Wein, Illustrated by Dave Cockrum, Lettered by John Costanza, Colors by Glynis Wein

We Whip Out Our Giant-Size Cockrum and Wein!

In Which We Discover That What The Mighty Mutant Colossus Really Wants To Do Is Rewire Your Office Intranet, That This Is Not The First Time Wolverine Has Had To Battle Giant Crabs, And That While Lorna Dane Wouldn’t Trade The Krakoa Experience She Shared With Storm For Anything, It Did Get Weird!

The All Different X-Men Bring All New Racial Epithets!

The characters for Giant-Size X-Men #1 were literally years in the making. Many were inspired by a project Dave Cockrum was working on for DC comics, “The Outsiders”, (see above left) which most notably featured Nightcrawler, a character Cockrum had developed himself years earlier. When Roy Thomas first brought Dave Cockrum on to develop characters for the new international team of mutants, Cockrum worked on a number of designs including the Black Cat (above right). The project was shelved for several years and when it returned there were too many cat ladies running around comics, so Dave Cockrum folded Black Cat’s design into that of Storm.

In mild-mannered Canada, all the fingers are considered equally middle.

Weather Witchcraft really requires a sports bra.

Hulk should look into where Colossus gets his pants.

But I will not travel without my favorite life-sized Russian peasant doll.

Dammit, Scott! It is my turn to be the front of the Bison!

What? You thought this was a superhero team? Have you seen your uniforms? Now start dancing. Those dollar bills don’t throw themselves.

Why was Cyclops hiding in the refrigerator?

Sometimes even the characters can see plot points coming from a mile away.

Don’t panic. You probably just parked it one level farther down.

Red Lobster is so much better in Canada.

Feeding on us?!… Not exactly. Look you can stay if you want, but no judgements. Just put your keys in the bowl and grab a vine.

“Hey do you guys want to go get a kielbasa at the Yardhouse? Their spicy mustard is off the hook.”

Hanging with the Krakster always started well, but then, you know, the life draining…

Lorna Dane takes her Journey songs very seriously.

The less written about the X-Men and their miniaturized toilet bowl journey, the better.

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