Episode 073, “Sins Of The Secret Empire!”

X-Aspirations Episode 073
Captain America #172-175, Apr-Jul 1974
“Believe It Or Not: The Banshee!”
“Sins Of The Secret Empire!”
“It’s Always Darkest…!”
“…Before The Dawn!”

Written by Steve Englehart and Mike Friedrich, Pencils by Sal Buscema, Inked by Vince Colletta, Lettering by Artie Simek and C. Jetter, Colors by Brand, G. Roussos, and P. Goldberg, Edited by Roy Thomas

Tick Tock, We Are On The Clock!

In Which We Discover That Cap and Falcon Know Only Vagrants and Farmers Travel Without A Double Windsor, That Being A Hero Requires An Encyclopedic Knowledge of the Grand Old Opry, That Cap Depends Upon The Kindness of Strange Truckers, And That Professor X Specializes In Long Distance Rumbly Tummies!

The More Evil You Are The Lower You Five!

Agony… Or ecstasy?

Fury was certain that his new rough and ready beard would finally top Dugan’s mustache for best office facial fair.

It would not.

The mine tunnel was not halfway as impressive as those gargantuan flowers.

Linda Donaldson wisely pulls off the road to contact the masters.  Say what you want about that evil temptress, she does not text and drive.

It’s an astrolabe!  We’ll steer our ship by dead reckoning!

We should not have steered the ship by dead reckoning.

Just because you are on a covert Black Ops mission does not mean one should forget the simple courtesy of a Thank You note!

Xavier told the scariest campfire stories.

Poor Blob… Always left out of the party.

A key requirement of Secret Empire membership is knowing the Michael Jackson Thriller dance.

C’mon, Cap. Desperate Housewives was an unobjectionable, titillation dramedy at best. Let it go.

See?! In George Bush’s day, a Skull and Bones initiation meant something!

I swear these Herman Cain ads just get odder and odder. He is not even running anymore!

The sprinklers at the White House are set way too high.

Jean loves Scott because he has both the mouth and chin of a young girl.

The Falcon finally admitted that he was the one who stole Cap’s chest depilation cream.

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