Episode 070, “…And The Juggernaut Will Get You… If You Don’t Watch Out!”

X-Aspirations Episode 070
Amazing Adventures #16, Hulk 161 & 172, Jan-Mar 1973 + Feb 1974
“…And The Juggernaut Will Get You… If You Don’t Watch Out!”
“Beyond The Border Lurks Death!”
“And Canst Thou Say… The Juggernaut?”

Written by Steve Englehart & Tony Isabella, Pencils by Bob Brown, Marie Severin, & Herb Trimpe, Inked by Frank McLaughlin, Sal Trampani, & Jack Abel, Lettering by Charlotte Jetter, Artie Simek, & A. Kupperberg, Colors by Glynis Wein, G. Roussos, & P. Goldberg, Edited by Roy Thomas

How Can We Give Up This Game of Show?

In Which We Discover That If Hulk’s Tummy Feels Icky Hulk No Longer Finds Object Impermanence Funny, That There Is No Scientific Atrocity That Can Not Be Soothed Over With A Little Deep Tissue Shiatsu, And That The U.S. Military Should Not Underestimate The Strategic Applications Of A Strapless Dress, A Thick Coat Of Lipstick, And Pair Of Three Inch Pumps!

The Problem With Howard Johnson’s — They Moved The Headstones, But They Didn’t Move The Bodies!

Tonight’s weather report calls for scattered showers of.. Huh. It says “mystic avatars of destruction.”

Someone down at the Weather Bureau must be pulling my leg.

Juggernaut did not get a second invitation to appear on Sesame Street,

Maybe challenging Juggy to a Crump-Off was a mistake.

See, I told you “power plant parkour” was a real thing!

One never yells “Eek, a spider!” around the Hulk more than once.

What? You said make myself comfortable. This is me comfortable!

Margarita Mondays at the Grand Canyon Cafe were always just an accident waiting to happen.

No poke Hulk, Giant Man! No poke!

Hulk strongest there is… at Just Dance 3!

While the Hulk will finally be on TV, he will end up no bigger than a candy bar.

Where you get such strong outfit! Hulk hate ripped pants!

Good going, Lou! In an empty desert you manage to hit the one giant rock. My mother was right.

Wile E. Coyote could not have diagrammed this better.

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