Episode 069, “Iron Man: D.O.A.”

X-Aspirations Episode 069
Amazing Adventures #12-15, May-November 1972
“Iron Man: D.O.A.!”
“Evil Is All In Your Mind!”
“The Vampire Machine”
“Murder in Mid-Air!”

Written by Steve Englehart, Pencils by Tom Sutton, Inked by Mike Ploog, Frank Giacoia, Jim Mooney, & John Tartaglione, Lettering by Artie Simek, John Costanza, & Jean Izzo, Edited by Stan Lee & Roy Thomas

Owner of An Englehart!

In Which We Find That Hank Will Never Get That Wet Beast Smell Out of His Upholstery, That Later Editions of The New Testament Downplayed Most of The Elaborate Heists, And That Surprisingly One Of The Best Ways To Male Bond Is Over Bondage!

It Is Both The 0s and The 1s That Are The Loneliest Numbers!

Noooo! Not, soft water! I still feel so soapy.

C’mon, Hank. Gaining weight is not a personal failing. Just admit you can’t wear your old high school S&M gear anymore!

Iron Man’s new chest camera is indeed awesome, but its anti-red eye features are a bit extreme.

A horrific metamorphosis robbing you of your humanity is no excuse for poor dental hygiene.

The military applications for spun sugar are nearly limitless.

And on the third day, he arose and put on tiny mankini briefs, in fulfillment of the scriptures.

Another kid’s birthday party ruined, as Hank McCoy fails to distinguish simple sleight of hand parlor tricks from the dark arts. Where did that little, red rubber ball go? To the Devil!?!

Thanks, Officer Shoots McBlasty. It is nice to see someone take pride in their unjustifiable homicides.

No one told me it was puffy coat day!

ALL MACHINES MUST DIE!!!  May they all die…die…DIE!


Four jumbo bottles of Just For Men later and Beast felt free of the stigma of prematurely greying.

I wish Angel was my computer right now!  It suxorzzzz!!!*

*Editor’s note: Candice may be having a bit of trouble with her lap top.

All the neighborhood kids know to stay away from the bushes behind the BrandCorp sign.

Those shapely hands, that delicate neck, the glasses… It’s Transvesti-clops!

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