Episode 068, “The Beast!”

X-Aspirations Episode 068
Amazing Adventures #11, March 1972
“The Beast!”
Written by Gerry Conway, Pencils by Tom Sutton, Inked by Syd Shores, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Three Weeks Of Heaven With Gerry Conway!

In Which We Learn That Hank Always Kept His Bros Before Even The Reddest-Headest Of Ho’s, That First Names Are Only For Whores, Waitresses, And Theater Folk, And That Maybe Professor X Should Have Made More Time To Have “The Talk” With Beast!

Beast Is Going Through Ch-Ch-Changes!

Holy Cow, the new Beast might be suffering from Osteochondroma! See? You weren’t wasting time just now, you were learning something.

Bennie’s perfume counter demeanor was deemed too aggressive.

Beast was slightly delayed by a small child named Alice.

Dr. Hank McCoy knows all effective scientific research requires at least some bondage.

One of the Brand Corporation perks is that each assistant comes complete with a set of Paparazzi!

It’s not what you think! Hank is just using his position of authority to manipulate a female co-worker into a awkward position where turning down his sexual overtures could damage her career and standing within the company.

Oh, yeah, maybe it is what you think.

You should have seen Beast after the first time he went back-door.

I’m not sure which “Anonymous” 12-step program covers that bubbling, green vapor, but Hank needs to join it.

Hank McCoy became the bane of many a manicurist.

Hank was not a fan of KFUN or its morning drive-time banter.

Dig that gnarley enemy wave dude!

Carl had been hoping for the other reward that Miss Donaldson was known for… that back-door thing.

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