Episode 067, “The Mutants and The Monster”

X-Aspirations Episode 067
X-Men #66, March 1970
“The Mutants and The Monster”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Sal Buscema, Inked by Sam Grainger, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

At Long Last, Angel’s Lament!

In Which We Discover That No Chrome-Headed Genius Can Resist The Siren Song Of A Size 20 Hulk Crammed Into Size 10 Pants, That The Craisin Is The Most Sensual Of The Dehydrated Diminutive Fruits, And That The First Thing Hulk Must SMASH… Are His Own Self Doubts!

You Can Rock It, You Can Reel It At The Mutant Sock Hop… Hop… Hop!

How will I ever tell the Professor that his subscription to TV Guide was not renewed!

Ad Hoc Ice Shock Cock Block.

Uh oh, who set the hair ray to David Lee Roth?!

Gosh, my eyes are really bothering me. Can you see if I have an eyelash in there or something?

See, X-men? I can count to five!

Ah… Girl look at Hulk body!
Ah… Hulk work out!
Hulk sexy and Hulk know it!

Never put Hulk on the prom decorating committee.

Everyone who thinks Beast is sexier than Hulk, raise their hand!

Clearly Gamma Ray Impulses need to be placed on the controlled substances list.

So… Would this be a good time to mention you were declared legally dead and Juggernaut now owns all your stuff?

And he would like you out by 5.

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