Episode 063, “Strangers … In A Savage Land!”

X-Aspirations Episode 063
X-Men #62, November 1969
“Strangers… In A Savage Land!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Neal Adams, Inked by Tom Palmer, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

The Refridgerator That Broke The Damsel’s Back!

In Which We Learn That The Savage Land Tourist Board Is At Its Wits End With Ka-Zar, That Savage Times Were Shirt Free And Easy On The Eyes, And That There Is No Being Or Creature, Be They Alive, Dead, Or Sixty Million Years Extinct, Who Does Not Want To Punch Angel Right In The Face!

If I Told You About A Product That Combined All The Best Features Of The Tube With All The Convenience Of The Slab, How Much Would You Pay?!

Mmmm…. Angel Crunchy ™!

Yes. Sauron washed out all your detailed linework, leaving an odd collection of differently colored shapes that still manage to convey the basic structure of your body.

That bastard.

Dead? No, I just really like it when you scratch my back with that metal exoskeleton, or should I say,  exo-Loofa?

No question. The newest X-man was bad ass, but his toothpaste requirements just became cost prohibitive.

When Zabu meets someone he really connects with, he is not afraid to make the first move.

Seriously. When the villain asks you to look him in the eyes, it is not because he aches for real human contact, without which he will continue to fail to regain control of his rapidly downward spiraling life. There will be no life-affirming hug, followed by a lasting bond built on gratitude for just being there when he needed you.

No. It is a trick to kill you. Every time.

If you ever wake up on a slab and all of your clothes have been replaced, start asking some questions.

Not to worry, Zabu! All of their gold jewelry and watches will be unaffected by the digestive fluids.

Because they had both watched Spider-man together, Ka-Zar assumed Piper would find this romantic. He may have scrambled some of the details.

And Ladies…. They are all single.

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