Episode 062, “Monsters Also Weep!”

X-Aspirations Episode 062
X-Men #61, October 1969
“Monsters Also Weep!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Neal Adams, Inked by Tom Palmer, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Of Course You Know, This Means War!

In Which We Discover That Doctor Lykos Seldom Walks Anywhere But When He Does It Is Like An Egyptian, That Face Punches Soothe Warren Like A Warm Bottle Of Milk, And That Sauron Has Much More Competitive Event Rates Than Those Uppity Goodyear Blimp People!

Marvel May Have Oversold The Majesty And Grandeur Of Scarsdale!

How can I be both here and behind me at the same time? Have I bent time, space, or just your perceptions of both?

In other words, am I blowing your mind?

Warren Worthington: Monster Dentist.

Sauron and the Creepy Technicolor Dream Coat was a disappointing flop.

Every time a pretty girl hangs up a phone, a Pterodactyl dies.

What is everyone looking at?!


Lykos just can’t compete with Scarsdale and its wealth of upscale panel background artists.

Fun Sauron Fact: In addition to the energy draining, he is also a fully licensed chiropractor.

Just when you are about to spank your daughter, that’s when the dinosaurs break in. Every Time!

You would think that the cold would make for some hard nipples… or any nipples at all.

S: I think we need to talk to Bobby about his inappropriate “writing” in the snow.

J: Forget the writing. I think we need to talk to him about his purple urine!

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