Episode 008, “The Uncanny Threat of Unus The Untouchable!”

X-Aspirations Episode 008
X-Men #8, November 1964
“The Uncanny Threat of Unus the Untouchable!”
Written by Stan Lee, Drawn by Jack Kirby, Inked by Chic Stone, Lettered by S. Rosen.

The Lieber Kid, Sandwich Deliverer Extraordinaire!

In Which We Learn That Water Towers Are Not Toys, That Plan G-5 Is Code For Emasculation, And That The Only Thing Truly Untouchable About Marlboros are Their Cool, Smooth Flavor.

Attention, Listener. This Podcast Blurb Can Not Be Posted Within 50 Yards of a School. Curse You Surgeon General!

Sorry ladies, not everything is transparent. Seriously what are his underpants made out of? Does Bobby just fill his shorts with a fine liquid slurry every morning?

A millionaire, huh? I’m not sure Hank is properly accounting for the overhead involved in a full jungle entourage. The feathered turbans alone may bankrupt him.

Am I the only one staring at this wondering why the ricochet direction vectors appear to be quantized? Just me? Fair enough.

Somewhere the Marlboro cowboy is standing on a lonesome highway, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

3 Responses to “Episode 008, “The Uncanny Threat of Unus The Untouchable!””

  1. Frido says:

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  2. Evan says:

    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  3. xperiment says:

    You guys are awesome! I just began listening to X-aspiration and I really enjoy every episode. You both funny and witty and your insight on each x-men issue is inspiring. Those issues of the 60s X-men were so bad and ludicrous and also ill-written and you’re making them fun.
    Please keep up and don’t give up, as you have another regular listener.

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