Episode 046, “The End of the X-Men!”

X-Aspirations Episode 046
X-Men #46, July 1968
“The End of the X-Men!”
Written by Gary Friedrich, Layouts by Don Heck, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked by John Tartaglione, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

Also Included: “…And Then There Were Two”
Written by Gary Friedrich, Pencils by George Tuska, Inked by John Tartaglione, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

Friedrich Scripts Were Not Ghost Ridden!

In Which We Find That The Juggernaut Manages To Get By With Only Two Stages of Grief, That There Is No Helmet That Can Protect Against A Women’s Intuition, And That If Push Came to Shove, Bobby Would Really Rather Have The Carvel Cookie Puss!

Hey Kids! Check Out The Latest Administration Of The Estate of a Deceased Person! It’s Da Bomb!

This gravestone takes forever to load.

I don’t know where to even begin with “Honey, I Shrank The Mutants!” Seriously, the movie didn’t even have Rick Moranis!

At times like this, Jean really appreciated the Hanky Leprechaun.

Worst thing about being trapped in the Crimson Cosmos hell dimension: The Bubble Gum.

Stupid vending machine! Now nobody gets the Doritos!

This game of Twister is impossible. All of the dots are the same color!

Angel loved plopping down on his life-sized Juggernaut pillow.

I don’t think Scott is ever going to return my purple coat.

Dude, you said these guys were cool!

I told you, no one walks into that Temple without a hat!

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