Episode 007, “The Return of the Blob!”

X-Aspirations Episode 007
X-Men #7, September 1964
“The Return of the Blob!”
Written by Stan Lee, Drawn by Jack Kirby, Inked by Chic Stone, Lettered by Art Simek.

Attack of The Contemptible Comic Book Code!

In Which We Learn Why The Brotherhood Has A Constant Cauldron Shortage, Where Beast Feet Are Beat Feet, And Why You Should Never Ice Improvise.

Hey, If the Ice Slide Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It.

Great googly moogly! And I thought the wiring for my home theater system was a nightmare. Just toss the tapedeck and VCR, Xavier. Trust me, it is not worth it for the one time every decade you bust out that bootleg copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

There is absolutely nothing I can add that would make this panel any funnier. Nothing.

How did Bobby get his pants off over his shoes? Does he wear tear-away pants? What the hell else goes on in that Beat club?!

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  1. AANorton says:

    Ah, the old mutant brain wave detector – such a classic.

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