Episode 045, “When Mutants Clash!”

X-Aspirations Episode 045
X-Men #45, June 1968
“When Mutants Clash!”
Written by Gary Friedrich, Layouts by Don Heck, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inked by John Tartaglione, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Avengers #53, June 1968
“In Battle Joined!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by John Buscema, Inked by George Tuska, Lettering by Artie Simek, Edited by Stan Lee.

Also Included: “And The Mob Cried… Vengeance!”
Written by Gary Friedrich, Pencils by George Tuska, Inked by John Verpoorten, Lettering by Irving Watanabe, Edited by Stan Lee.

The Dickens You Say!

In Which We Discover That You May Cheer Up A Sleepy Jean But Under No Circumstances Should You Try To Wake Her, That Cyclops Has A Very Grim And Determined Lower Cheekbone, That Once The Avengers Are Settled Into A Television Show They Are Much Harder To Assemble, That There Is Nothing As Sweet As The Payoff of a Multi-issue Spy Arrow, And That What The Avengers Fear Most Are Campfire Girl Special Forces!

Merry Christmas! Do Not Rape Us, Every One!

Special Thanks to Amy, Allison, Hooded Rachel, Steve, Thorn, and Varoujan for all the ghost work! You were Spook-Tacular!


There is just something about a man with a mohawk.

Not the first girl to pretend sleep at the sound of Scott’s approach.

Luckily Cyke had a small package.

When Toad staggered in stinking of gin, Magneto swore this was the last time. But then he always made that promise.

Whenever asked how one hand got so much bigger, Quicksilver would blush before rapidly changing the subject.

Say hello to the Hammer twins, Jack and Sledge!

There was no way Bobby was giving up his dream of being a JC Penny catalog model.

The great thing about Cyclops is that he would bend over backwards for you.

No one else would chip in for the La-Z-Boy, so yeah, Hawkeye always got first dibs.

Cotton candy cannons is one of those things that sounds fun in the abstract…

In 1968 football teams were much less worried about looking exactly like Wham!

The trans-Atlantic ticklefest was an Avengers tradition.

When Magneto removed his nipple and threw it across the room, it magically turned into Toad.

The Avengers understood the value of mid-mission chiropracting.

Palmolive softens hands while you destroy Avengers… You’re soaking in it!

Remember what the doormouse said. Feed your heads!

This little piggie left its disciple stranded on an alien world,

This little piggie chastized his followers with a belt,

This little piggie… Ah screw it. GET OFF MY PLANE!

Magneto lost his helmet, his pride, and his muffler.

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