Episode 034, “War — In a World of Darkness!”

X-Aspirations Episode 034
X-Men #34, July 1967
“War — In a World of Darkness!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Art by Dan Adkins, Lettering by J. Feldman, Edited by Stan Lee.

Their Worlds Ring Hollow!

In Which We Learn That The X-Men Have Been Naughty, Naughty Boys, That New York Pay Phones Are Both Phallic and Profane, And That Whether Your Skin Be Pink, Orange, Or Sickly Yellow, It Is All The Same In The Dark!

Stupid Pronunciation! Why Does Hades Even Have Rivers?!

Just tell Scott he is shrinking. No booster seat can hide it forever.

It started as a deck addition… and then things got out of control.

Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!

Yeah, Prince just parked it here in 1987 and never came back for it.

It had been an overly elaborate and cruel trick, but at least Ted was free of that ugly, ugly car.

So those little guys told us this is where we would find that wizard, right?

J’accuse! No, not you. You!
Really? Not you? Damn it, all you Moloids look alike!

The Princess’ plan to await her true love upon the highest tower did not go as planned.

Cyclops Phooey, number one super guy.
Cyclops Phooey, quicker than the human eye!

Underworld dictators are constantly fighting the scourge of Vitamin D deficiency.

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