Episode 029, “When Titans Clash!”

X-Aspirations Episode 029
X-Men #29, February 1967
“When Titans Clash!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inking by John Tartaglione, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

When Something’s Gettin’ Drawn, You Must Whip It!

In Which We Learn That There Are A Suspiciously Large Number of Revolutionary War Munitions Sites Near The Xavier Mansion, That Underpants Do Not Qualify As A Uniform No Matter How Frosty, And That Androids Like Their Beverages Warm Just Because They Know No Other Way.

Solid State Components, Smolid State Components — Gimme Robot Powers!

Miss Jolan Kovacs, aka Miss Joanne Carter, aka Mrs. Joanne Siegel, aka Lois Lane. The middle image is a drawing of her done by Joe Shuster.

The story and illustrations of the “Nights of Horror” discussed in the podcast come from this book, Secret Identity, written by Craig Yoe. It also features an introduction by none other than Stan Lee!

Above are three of the tamer examples of Joe Shuster’s fetish drawings. Notice some similarities to Lois Lane and Jimmy Olson, as well as whips and paddles galore. Most of the illustrations are less safe for work than this batch, although the main issue is nudity and not what a modern, worldly reader would consider serious pornography.

“I’ll just set up the camera here on this end of the lake and OH MY GOD! Stop! St–”

Skating people down is the only way Bobby can feel anything anymore.

Nice try, Scott, but no. You were supposed to yell “Marco.”

The Super-Adaptoid had not appreciated how difficult it was to find a decent apartment in New York. At least the A train only came by 122 times per day.

Ugh, those damn packing peanuts get a bit of static charge on them and it’s game over.

Would scattering ice blocks only be littering in the winter?

Ha ha, Scott has been snowballed. Do yourself a favor and never google that.

Ah yes, the mystery door. What lies behind it?!? The two foot tall bong suggests it could be ultraviolet grow lights, a drip watering system, and pounds of a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

The official position of the NFL is that there is no evidence for significant abuse of Human Growth Hormone.

Hey, “Nutty Hunch” was my nickname in college. Scoliosis and Elephantiasis are a cruel combination.

Three 10s? Are they watching the same diving competition? I mean, look at the SPLUNCH on that last entry!

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  1. Susan Thatcher says:

    As much fun as the audio is, I think the captions here are Depends-worthy. Keep it coming! (I finally got caught up).

  2. xteam says:

    You Googled Snowballed, didn’t you?

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