Episode 026, “Holocaust!”

X-Aspirations Episode 026
X-Men #26, November 1966
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

Kirby May Have Been King, But His Work Was For Hire!

In Which We Learn That Early Morning Telepathy Could Be A Million Dollar Idea, That The Professor Likes To Pretend He Has Marvel Girl Pants, And That It Is Essential To Prevent Icy Build-Up On All Of Your Solar-Powered Snake Stelae!

Knowing Is Half The Battle! Go Joe!

Look over there! Is that a giant cocoon in a swimming pool? I think it’s filled with lightly sweetened oatmeal!

Well, they will lease you a Mayan God Solar Sphere, but they have no rebates or incentives of any kind. You’d be better off getting the Nissan Leaf.

On a very special episode of the Andy Griffith Show, Opie is sacrificed to appease the Mayan God of the Sun.

What am I wearing? A high-necked, demure blouse. I’m sorry, do you have an upper respiratory infection or something? Your breathing– No, you sir are a dirty, dirty bore! I am starting to understand why no one else answers this phone!

The most mighty of Mexican deities is a real whiz at gardening? Say, maybe his most holy scepter also doubles as a leaf blower. Sigh.

I forget. Which fork are you supposed to use to eat live jungle cat?

I don’t know who Beast thinks he’s fooling. That Cayman is clearly stuffed.

What you think Tolor? Is One Eye truly in love with Firehair or only want make yubyub because she only female available?
No, Baklak, I find love sincere. But Bird Man clearly yubyub hound dog who is jealous only because he wants all the bones.
What say we go get food after stabbing?
Mokcho, if you suggest Bennigans one more time it is you who will feel my spear!

There is no sting like the BWOK of a urine ball to the back of the head.

I just don’t get the Disco Era.

And I…I…I….
Will Always Love You….ou…ou….

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