Episode 025, “The Power And The Pendant!”

X-Aspirations Episode 025
X-Men #25, October 1966
“The Power And The Pendant!”
Written by Roy Thomas, Pencils by Werner Roth, Inking by Dick Ayers, Lettering by Sam Rosen, Edited by Stan Lee.

O Captain, My Captain! Our Fearful Strip Is Done!

In Which We Discover That The Xavier Fortune May Be Built On Orphanage Fraud, That El Tigre Should Not Hold His Breath Waiting For a World’s Greatest Boss Coffee Mug, and That The X-Men Will Take Any Opportunity To Ditch Paying Their Mini-Bar Tab!

Do Not Even Joke About Drinking From the Hudson River! Think of the Children!

Here is an image (courtesy Alex Ross) of Captain Marvel in all his Shazam-ing glory. Yeah, he does look a bit like Superman.

Personally I hope the seven of them band together to fight that horrifying giant Xavier head!

Sure, he appears noble, but really Beast is just trying to determine a configuration in which three orphan bodies could absorb the impact of him falling four stories.

The two underlings knew that their primitive bowl haircuts and lusciously bushy mustaches were no match for the manly wellspring of chest hair displayed by El Tigre!

The best part is that it is also a tummy tightener!

Yeah, we get it Dos Equis. Elderly Latinos are much more interesting than me.

And worse, I have no chubby orphans to cushion my fall!

“And before I even find Bobby, I have to get myself a pointed white hood and some swastikas.” I mean, what the hell, super-racist Warren! Your attitude is as prehistoric as those Woolly Mammoths! Museum display Snap!

I think snaggletooth here might have sucked a few of those drugged darts the wrong way.

It is exactly this reaction to the spotlight that doomed Scott’s fledgling prop comic career.

One word. Three syllables. Fab – You – Lous!

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